None of the Current Candidates Can Beat Trump…Like a Drum.


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The Natives must be getting restless as they’re turning out a new candidate every couple of days now, flooding the field with unknown, late-to-the-party candidates to save the country from the big bad meanie Trump.  I still think they’re holding an ace up their sleeves named Michelle My Belle.  Obama and Soros aren’t going to let two-time loser Biden lose it again–to Trump.  They’re having a pow-wow right now as we sit here.

Of course, Michelle doesn’t have the chops to run a country for just being a First Lady unless we need the food police or vegetable growing tips BUT she is beloved by the left and Obama could get his paws back in the White House and run it for her.  Just like Bill tried to do with Hillary.  No doubt in my mind. This may be their plan all along if Impeachment fails.  They’ll go to Plan G.  But we have an ace up our sleeve too named A.G. Barr and Company.  When their reports finally come out, we’ll be dealing with a whole new scenario.

Someone recently told me the Barr Team may be holding back until after the election because if indictments start to flow against the left’s heros like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Nellie, Steele, Strzok and the office lover, and many others it will energize the Independents to the polls to vote Trump out in retaliation.  That would be bad. The indictments would have the reverse effect on America as some gullibles will be gobsmacked. Their sheltered minds won’t be able to comprehend it, as they’ve been lied to for three years by the Democrat news media. No telling how they would react, most likely going to the streets to protest violently but would a civil war be ignited? This is probably the fear of our Attorney General.

But should we be running our country out of fear or according to the Constitution and Rule of Law?  Hopefully, the latter. Maybe if Barr just indicted a couple of these dirty rotten scoundrels but not the whole lot of them, we could smoke the peace pipe until after the election then let the indictment floodgates open.

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But seriously, the Democrats are scared they’ll lose in 2020 as the economy is still roaring and Trump is still winning.  None of this looks good for a challenger of Trump. What will they be challenging him on?  They may just go back to their standard old “climate change denier” and “pro choice denier”  and now “DACA denier” has emerged lately.  When in doubt, go back to those tired out old liberal issues. Even though Trump tried to get a bill that helped DACA but was turned down by the selfish Democrats who only care about not giving Trump a win.  Similar to why USMCA won’t get passed while Pelosi is Speaker.

As it stands now, no one can beat Trump like a drum not even Pocahontas and she’s got Native heritage on her side.  And this is the left’s biggest fear, thus, why they’re trying to impeach him first. But could there be a squaw out there waiting in the teepees that could beat Trump like a drum?  Stay tuned.

Image result for pictures of native american beating a drum


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