Yovanovitch May Have Been Fired But…She’s Still Alive!


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Unlike poor Ambassador Christopher Stevens under Hillary’s and Obama’s watch.  Chris’s family only wishes he was still alive. His family wishes he had just gotten fired. His family wishes he was only insulted by the president.  Apparently getting fired and insulted is worse now than getting murdered according to Marie, the new darling of the left, and the Impeachment Panel.  Her bruised ego is so big she feels violated by Trump’s decision to fire her.  She’s ready to break out those crocodile tears on cue.  And Chris Wallace, we do have a heart, despite what you just insinuated: we don’t, if we aren’t falling for this lady’s sad sack story.

At 9:40 p.m., September 11, members of Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.[1][2] Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979.[3] At around 4:00 a.m. on September 12, the group launched a mortar attack against a CIA annex approximately one-mile (1.6 km) away, killing CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty[2][4][5] and wounding ten others. Initial analysis by the CIA, repeated by top government officials, indicated that the attack spontaneously arose from a protest.[6] Subsequent investigations showed that the attack was premeditated – although rioters and looters not originally part of the group may have joined in after the attacks began.  Wikipedia

Notice how the CIA said it was started by a protest.  The Deep State was alive and well even back then. Christopher Stevens requested security 600 times from Hillary but went ignored. They requested the military come in on the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 9-11 during a TERRORIST ATTACK but military was told to stand down by Obama. A terror attack didn’t fit the narrative for Obama’s reelection. Nothing like this happened to this lady being interviewed today as part of an impeachment query. She’s just a disgruntled employee and has no first hand knowledge of Trump’s call to Ukraine. Why is she even here?  Is this the best they got? She should be in the Personnel Department filing a grievance.  She behaved like a demure, shrinking violet until they mentioned Trump, then she became visibly miffed.

She actually felt her life was in imminent danger from being told to leave the country ASAP? Please!  Sounds more like the prologue to her imminent novel.  It’s not the Republicans that take out individuals that go against them.  It’s the Clinton Machine that does.  Trump had no reason to fire her other than she was suspected of undermining him overseas and has connections to Soros and is part of the Hate Trump Train.  Whether she was or not, it’s up to the president to protect his reputation overseas and drain the swamp.

She’s another Nevertrumper and now it seems a NeverFoxNewser.  She was tied to the Obama Administration and probably a Hillary donor. She has the arrogant demeanor of Lois Lerner.  She can write a book now about her horrific, covert operation in Ukraine dodging sniper fire and Hollywood can pick it up and make another phony movie. She can make Trump the antagonist in her novel that fired her for no good reason.

Schiffwreck is trying to get her to cry on camera to help their case.  Ridiculous.  She’s there to expose wrongdoing and the president is intimidating a witness. When Trump tweets, he’s defending himself which is under assault, not intimidating a witness. If Schiff was so worried about “witness tampering,” why did he read Trump’s tweet to her?  He’s intimidating her–not Trump. Schiff also treated the female member of the Republican panel very sexist–continuously cut her off even gaveling her yet the press calls Trump a sexist?  Schiff hates women.  He’s using this disgruntled employee as a sympathetic pawn in his impeachment sham like they used activist Dr. Ford in their Kavanaugh smear.  Women should be smarter than this and not be used. What a terrible legacy Marie has given to the end of her ambassador career.

This is a political hearing not a court of law. This sham is so one sided that Republican members are forbidden to be heard and, frankly, are being treated rudely. Trump wanted to step in to help the Republicans on the panel.  Note to Trump: Let these Democrats hang themselves. No need to hold the rope. These dirty rotten scoundrels are looking for anything now, anything at all, to booster their impeachment case. Let Jordan, Nunes, Radcliffe, and the tough female handle it.  They’re doing a good job.

This is the biggest witch hunt with the widest cast net that I’ve ever seen in American history. Now Roger Stone has been found guilty for lying by a D.C. jury.  Shocker.  Trump needs to pardon him.  There’s no way he would have been arrested but for being on Trump’s campaign.  Not fair.  None of the lying Democrats including Schiffwreck, Comey, or McCabe have even been indicted.  It’s all a set up and a sham, and I hope America can see through this.

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Shame on Marie Yovanovitch for allowing herself to be part of this sham. She was supposed to be a strong woman.  She’s not that strong.  She’ll be the darling of the left for her fifteen minutes of fame and then they’ll dump her in a New York minute as soon as they see she didn’t help.  She’ll be named Person of the Year by Time Magazine, do all the talk shows including The View, then go teach at a university.   I hate to see another hate-filled teacher indoctrinating our youth against the president, but she’ll fit in nicely.



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