Sunken Schiff.


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No grounds for impeachment just hearsay, conjecture, presumptions, and a little sour grapes. No high crimes and misdemeanors or bribery or treason or even a parking ticket. The honorable witnesses that came in to testify should be ashamed for being part of this charade. A government official that eavesdrops on our president’s phone call and spreads it to others, is dishonorable.

It was unfair and rude the way Schiff conducted these hearings not to allow ONE witness from the Republican side together with his interruptions and cutting off speaking members with his gavel.  I don’t know how they kept their cool. Total sham, total witch hunt, total disrespect, total set up, total unAmerican, total hoax, total Schiffwreck. Total stain on American History.

I just pray that the sham ends here, and that Pelosi grows a brain or at least a conscience, neither of which she has shown. We know Schiff won’t.

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Clueless Ambassador Sondland.

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How can an ambassador that is in the loop with all the top government officials never hear of the Biden/Hunter connection to Burisma and Ukraine’s attempt to interfere in Trump’s election?  Does he have his head in the proverbial sand like an ostrich?

He’s spoken with Rudy and Trump and all the other players yet this never came up?  Amazing!  Sondland is a cocky, former supporter of JEB which says a lot.  He probably thinks Trump stole the presidency from JEB. Sondland obviously never watches FOX News or he would have heard of these issues years ago.  How can we have people in such high positions being so clueless?

He probably believes in Russian collusion and is a buddy of Mueller too.  All these guys are in cahoots together. His testimony today is nothing more than a he said, he said, he overheard, he said, and I deduced. This is not evidence to impeach a popular president. Sondland even admitted that Zelensky loves President Trump.  Isn’t that enough to make these diplomats happy?  Apparently not.

But the most damning evidence against impeachment was when Sondland called the president and asked what he wanted from Ukraine.  Trump said, “I want nothing. I want NO quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.”  Boom.  Case closed again.  For Sondland then to say he put two and two together and came up with four–meaning Trump required Zelensky to announce investigations into Biden will begin before releasing aid is a big stretch or he’s bad at math. Sondland went on to say, the aid was not tied to anything, I just presumed it was. That’s a big presumption too.


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Trump is allowed to investigate corruption into his 2016 campaign and also to investigate corruption by the Obama administration in Ukraine.  Whether or not it was his condition to release aid to Ukraine is a moot point.  Not impeachable.  A.G. Barr is looking into it anyway with the help of Rudy, I presume, so what’s the big whoop?  It’s all going to come out in the wash soon, despite what the Dems want.

Sondland is definitely a hostile witness to Trump since he comes to his own conclusions which are not favorable to Trump. I get the feeling he voted for Hillary even. But Trump never said anything wrong. The left will spin his testimony as a win for them today, no doubt.  But Sondland came today to contribute to Trump’s impeachment.  He actually thinks Trump was trying to dig up dirt on his opponent, I believe.  Clueless Sondland.  The dirt was already out and has been for some time.

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It’s amazing to me how uninformed all these so-called smart diplomats are. I think they are willfully ignorant.  They’re nothing more than central casting for the Revenge of the Nerds II which is another way of saying Schiff’s Resistance Movement, or as the whistleblower called it, the Coup begins.

Afternoon Session: Assumptions, Disappointment, Blind Opinions But No Claims of Bribery…Next.


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Ambassador Volker actually said that the reason he didn’t pay any attention to Biden’s video about quid pro quo was because he’s known Biden for years and Biden would never do anything like this.  Wow! This is the biggest “see no evil and hear no evil” I’ve ever seen.  We’re going to go by his opinion of Biden versus what Biden said on video about himself and Obama? The guy’s either blind, deaf, or dumb.  I’m appalled by the level of devotion to the Bidens. What do the Bidens have on everyone?

Volker mentioned “conspiracy theories” several times regarding the Bidens which is exactly what the media calls it. Who the hell is he to tell us what to believe? If there was corruption under the Obama Administration, he’s covering it up.  He’s either involved in a coverup or is vying for a future job at CNN. After all, former Obama officials end up there–Brennan, Clapper, McCabe.

This whole impeachment sham is based on nothing more than a gossip session.  We have to listen to everyone’s recollection of a conversation they had or heard with so and so.  From now on every official working in the government has to watch what he says and to whom he says it.  This is what this ordeal is boiling down to.  This will be the quietest government from now on because people won’t want to go to congress to remember what they said. Trump won’t call anymore heads of state because he knows now that the swamp is listening in and tattling.

Can you imagine if Obama was accused of bribery after one of his calls to heads of state?  The press would be out in arms yelling discrimination and racism.  This is why I feel Trump is the first president to be a victim of reverse racism mainly because he replaced a Black president.  Tough act to follow, apparently.  If he was Black, none of these accusations would ever get past the whistleblower.  In fact, the IG would blow the whistleblower out of his office and probably fire pajama boy and send him home to mommy where he belongs.

Obama and Bush have both held back funds to other countries for various reasons and were never accused of bribery. It’s SOP for the president so we don’t look like pushovers in the eyes of other countries. Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of night without approval of congress!  Was that a bribe?  Biden held back a billion in aid to Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor investigating Burmisa.  Was that a bribe?  In fact, the media thought Biden sounded like a tough guy and they laughed. I like the way these so-called honest officials need their lawyers sitting next to them whispering in their ear.  It’s been my experience that if you have nothing to hide, you don’t need a lawyer. They’re hiding something.

Schiff keeps reiterating that Trump held up aid for PERSONAL GAIN to get “dirt” on his opponent, Biden.  First of all, Trump was not worried about running against Biden as Biden hadn’t fared well in either debate. Secondly, we thought getting opposition research was allowed as that’s what Hillary and Obama had done on Trump and no one cared then.  Hmmm.  Amazing. Thirdly, it’s part of Trump’s job due to a treaty with Ukraine to cooperate with the U.S. regarding all corruption, even by a former VP.  No one is above the law. And lastly, the dirt, as the Dems so eloquently call it, was already out there.  Biden incriminates himself in a video. Trump just wanted Ukraine to complete the investigation so that “selling your name and influence” can never be done by a U.S. leader again.  That’s a good thing.

Both witnesses admitted no bribery was committed by Trump or any of his administration. So why are they here?  Morrison admitted Vindman did not come to him regarding his concerns over the phone call but went to others…(whistleblower). The plot thickens. Looks like the Dems are getting hooked on their own fishing line.  Oops! Ouch, that hurts.

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Today’s Hearing: Lots of Inference, Tattletaling, Praising, and Fishing.


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Again, the Democrats are fishing for something, anything, to hang on Trump.  They ask leading questions and come up empty.  Law Class 101:  Don’t ask a question of your witness unless you already know the answer.  For instance:  Democrat Goldman asked Vindman, “When you met with Ukraine officials after the infamous phone call, did they express any concern for where their aid was?”  Long pause from Vindman while he searches for the appropriate answer and squirms in his seat.  “No, no mention of it.”  Boom.  Case closed.  Why are we continuing this charade?

Vindman reminds me of a chubby Boy Scout in high school that tattletales on the Football Quarterback for doing something “inappropriate” in class–maybe sending a love note to a girl. Trump doesn’t have to use Vindman’s outline of questions when talking to a head of state.  Vindman is not an elected leader.  Vindman has used the words inappropriate and improper in reference to Trump’s call but he also infers a lot into it.  He claims Trump demanded they look into Biden. There was nothing in the transcript that reads demand. Trump has a brain and can ask his own questions. And there was no mention of anything impeachable being spoken.

I suspect Vindman is a Biden supporter, possibly an Obama holdover, that knows a lot about the corruption that they were involved in and, coincidentally, he never objected to that.  Why?  Was he part of the operation and afraid of being implemented?  He got offered a high level job in Ukraine.  Why?  This could be just the tip of the iceberg. And who cares if Pence didn’t attend Zelinsky’s inauguration?  Why is that even mentioned?  That’s not impeachable or evidence to anything impeachable. Trump didn’t want them both out of country at same time, it was learned later but the inference from Ms. Williams made it sound vindictive.

Again this is a witch hunt just a new subject of witch hunt–from Russia to Ukraine. Trump is allowed to investigate corruption in Ukraine during the 2016 election just as Mueller was allowed to investigate Russian corruption in 2016.  Trump is allowed to wonder why Biden held back funds in exchange for a prosecutor being fired–the real quid pro quo.  I thought “No one is above the law, not even candidates for president.” The media continues to report that the Biden/Hunter issue has been investigated and dismissed for no wrong doing.  Really? Not true, as the prosecutor was fired. Any president would wonder.  But since it’s Trump, they dismiss him.

The media is so corrupt itself, I wonder what kind of country we have turned into. I feel like we are living in soviet-style third world country where we aren’t allowed to hear the truth. Again, I say “Thank God for FOX News, Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham.”  Without their investigative reporters and this handful of congressmen and senators, we’d know nothing.  Also “Thank God for Rush Limbaugh.”

Ms. Williams is not aware of anything pertaining to the Bidens yet she works with Ukraine. We seem to know more than her.  Why is that?  I suspect she’s a feminist and a big Hillary supporter and is undermining the president because she’s pissed that he won the election. I wasn’t impressed with any of her answers, despite that Vindman warned us not to criticize them.  Sorry Vindman, I don’t take advice from you either. I find Vindman to be somewhat of a traitor and a snitch.

This Resistance group is larger than I thought. I’ve never seen so many officials that are not curious about the real corruption that goes on right before their eyes.  It’s amazing.  Here’s their most often said comments:  “I’m not aware” and “Inappropriate” and “Improper.” When asked if they were “Nevertrumpers” they acted like they’d never heard the term.

Vindman refused to answer questions regarding who he told his recollection of the phone call.  Whistleblower comes to mind. Schiff interrupted and the audience groaned.  Schiff said this hearing is not about outing the whistleblower.  But Vindman already testified in private that he did not know the whistleblower. So how could he out him? Red flag alert. Then his lawyer interceded to say he will not answer this question.  This is a total set up and a sham. They’re all in it together to take out Trump and the Democrats are hiding something big from this hearing. I suspect Vindman is the conduit to the whistleblower, and they don’t want that fact exposed.  Vindman has never spoken to Trump and never met him.  Another witness that is out-of-the-loop and wants to be in-the-loop.

The Democrats kissed Boy Scout’s butt making him out to be another war hero and irreproachable. Bottomline is:  Boy Scout Vindman listened in on Trump’s phone call and decided upon himself what was inappropriate or improper and relayed the contents to the whistleblower who met with Schiff and, voila, we finally have “hearsay” grounds for impeachment!  And now this sham of a hearing.  But not one ounce of evidence of bribery (which is their newly-polled buzzword) to impeach Trump on.

If this isn’t a fishing expedition, I don’t know what is. But if the Democrats aren’t careful, they may snag themselves with the hook: Vindman leaked to the partisan, activist whistleblower. We judge people by the company they keep.  If this is his company, all his testimony is not to be believed.  He’s part of the coup.

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Yovanovitch May Have Been Fired But…She’s Still Alive!


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Unlike poor Ambassador Christopher Stevens under Hillary’s and Obama’s watch.  Chris’s family only wishes he was still alive. His family wishes he had just gotten fired. His family wishes he was only insulted by the president.  Apparently getting fired and insulted is worse now than getting murdered according to Marie, the new darling of the left, and the Impeachment Panel.  Her bruised ego is so big she feels violated by Trump’s decision to fire her.  She’s ready to break out those crocodile tears on cue.  And Chris Wallace, we do have a heart, despite what you just insinuated: we don’t, if we aren’t falling for this lady’s sad sack story.

At 9:40 p.m., September 11, members of Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi resulting in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.[1][2] Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979.[3] At around 4:00 a.m. on September 12, the group launched a mortar attack against a CIA annex approximately one-mile (1.6 km) away, killing CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty[2][4][5] and wounding ten others. Initial analysis by the CIA, repeated by top government officials, indicated that the attack spontaneously arose from a protest.[6] Subsequent investigations showed that the attack was premeditated – although rioters and looters not originally part of the group may have joined in after the attacks began.  Wikipedia

Notice how the CIA said it was started by a protest.  The Deep State was alive and well even back then. Christopher Stevens requested security 600 times from Hillary but went ignored. They requested the military come in on the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 9-11 during a TERRORIST ATTACK but military was told to stand down by Obama. A terror attack didn’t fit the narrative for Obama’s reelection. Nothing like this happened to this lady being interviewed today as part of an impeachment query. She’s just a disgruntled employee and has no first hand knowledge of Trump’s call to Ukraine. Why is she even here?  Is this the best they got? She should be in the Personnel Department filing a grievance.  She behaved like a demure, shrinking violet until they mentioned Trump, then she became visibly miffed.

She actually felt her life was in imminent danger from being told to leave the country ASAP? Please!  Sounds more like the prologue to her imminent novel.  It’s not the Republicans that take out individuals that go against them.  It’s the Clinton Machine that does.  Trump had no reason to fire her other than she was suspected of undermining him overseas and has connections to Soros and is part of the Hate Trump Train.  Whether she was or not, it’s up to the president to protect his reputation overseas and drain the swamp.

She’s another Nevertrumper and now it seems a NeverFoxNewser.  She was tied to the Obama Administration and probably a Hillary donor. She has the arrogant demeanor of Lois Lerner.  She can write a book now about her horrific, covert operation in Ukraine dodging sniper fire and Hollywood can pick it up and make another phony movie. She can make Trump the antagonist in her novel that fired her for no good reason.

Schiffwreck is trying to get her to cry on camera to help their case.  Ridiculous.  She’s there to expose wrongdoing and the president is intimidating a witness. When Trump tweets, he’s defending himself which is under assault, not intimidating a witness. If Schiff was so worried about “witness tampering,” why did he read Trump’s tweet to her?  He’s intimidating her–not Trump. Schiff also treated the female member of the Republican panel very sexist–continuously cut her off even gaveling her yet the press calls Trump a sexist?  Schiff hates women.  He’s using this disgruntled employee as a sympathetic pawn in his impeachment sham like they used activist Dr. Ford in their Kavanaugh smear.  Women should be smarter than this and not be used. What a terrible legacy Marie has given to the end of her ambassador career.

This is a political hearing not a court of law. This sham is so one sided that Republican members are forbidden to be heard and, frankly, are being treated rudely. Trump wanted to step in to help the Republicans on the panel.  Note to Trump: Let these Democrats hang themselves. No need to hold the rope. These dirty rotten scoundrels are looking for anything now, anything at all, to booster their impeachment case. Let Jordan, Nunes, Radcliffe, and the tough female handle it.  They’re doing a good job.

This is the biggest witch hunt with the widest cast net that I’ve ever seen in American history. Now Roger Stone has been found guilty for lying by a D.C. jury.  Shocker.  Trump needs to pardon him.  There’s no way he would have been arrested but for being on Trump’s campaign.  Not fair.  None of the lying Democrats including Schiffwreck, Comey, or McCabe have even been indicted.  It’s all a set up and a sham, and I hope America can see through this.

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Shame on Marie Yovanovitch for allowing herself to be part of this sham. She was supposed to be a strong woman.  She’s not that strong.  She’ll be the darling of the left for her fifteen minutes of fame and then they’ll dump her in a New York minute as soon as they see she didn’t help.  She’ll be named Person of the Year by Time Magazine, do all the talk shows including The View, then go teach at a university.   I hate to see another hate-filled teacher indoctrinating our youth against the president, but she’ll fit in nicely.


The Impeachment Sham Begins…


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“Kent and Taylor,” two smug, pro-Ukraine diplomats, sounding more like an investment firm or a men’s formalwear boutique, sat there bragging about how more experienced they are than the president and how “concerned” they are for Ukraine. It was a boring, snoozefest.  The bowtied one reminded me of Strzok with his smirks and expressions. They’re only there to take out the president. Their testimony was essentially about the president’s policies that they didn’t agree with. This is an embarrassment to our country and another waste of money.  It will be dead on arrival in the Senate. We have to legitimize impeachment by going through an orchestrated, phony punishment-in-search-of-a-crime PISOAC Hearing. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable; but it’s not fair nor is it right.  It’s a one-sided attack on the president led by bug-eyed Schiff and will fall flat like the Kavanaugh hearing leaving more egg on the Democrats’ faces.

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The Mueller Probe was an investigation-in-search-of-a-crime, now we have PISOAC. The left has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Trump, but he’s still standing. Why?  Because he hasn’t done “something” as DeNiro calls it. I do worry, however, that this impeachment sham will tarnish his next election with the Independents who are mostly gullibles. They don’t have time to keep up on the latest news and probably just get snippets off the radio, the internet, or late night comedy.  These snippets are always left leaning and, consequently, can influence a voter in the wrong direction. For instance, I was listening to the hearing in my car and when a Republican member started asking a question the station played music drowning out the dialog.  It was disgusting.

I feel like Big Brother is everywhere controlling our content. I worry that the left is hijacking America with radical prosecutors being placed in our big cities and radical governors like Newsom being elected into our big states. Why is radicalism being rewarded?  Why does illegal activity by our government leaders like Biden and Brennan get applauded? What is going on?  Why has our media become so complicit or plain apathetic in all the illegal actions of infamous citizens from Weinstein to Epstein to Clinton to Biden?  It’s almost as though they have blinders on.  They used to care about getting to the truth. It used to be the media’s job to expose corruption. Now they just cover it up.  When did this all begin?

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I’m sure it’s been slowly building up since the Bill Clinton impeachment and went totally rogue during the Bush years and now is off the charts haywire.  Thank God for FOX News; otherwise, there’d be no news. Ambassador Taylor is a rehearsed witness for the Democrats.  He was fed leading questions and answered them as practiced with Schiff.  He’s also an older guy trying to make himself look important. Obviously, he doesn’t think Trump is qualified to be president and wants to be part of history in taking him out. When asked about Biden and Hunter, he gets a blank face and says, “I don’t know.”  Kent at least admitted there could be an appearance of a conflict of interest with Hunter’s Burisma position.  Ya think? How convenient that they know so much about Trump’s involvement with Ukraine but with Biden, who’s been to the country many times, they play dumb.  This is clearly a coverup and a setup.  It’s so clear.

Schiff claimed he did not know who the whistleblower was.  That’s a blatant lie. But all he does is lie. This feigned protection of the whistleblower is getting old. We all know he has ties to Soros and is a partisan activist.  Then Schiff objects to a Republican member’s question clarifying that it states facts that are not in evidence.  While Schiff and his clowns posed all their questions with facts not in evidence.  This is not a fair hearing and the two witnesses are clearly against Trump but have never even met with him.  They’re part of the Nevertrumper clan and Obama holdovers.  They remained quiet when asked anything about Biden’s quid pro quo almost as though they were warned ahead not to answer anything about Joe. These witnesses behaved very similar to Mueller as a witness.  They look as though they’re completely unaware of some of the facts in the questions very much like Mueller was. “When in doubt, play dumb” seems to be the Democrat SOP.  Biden is definitely getting the Hillary treatment by the impeachment panel. Cover for him at all costs, even your reelection.

I think the public can see through this sham and that this first hearing was a big nothing burger.  The fact that the Democrats are so sympathetic to Ukraine all of a sudden is a joke.  They only care about them in reference to Trump’s phone call. Trump has done more to help this country than Obama ever did but they don’t want to bring that up.

Pelosi’s claim that all roads lead to Putin is a made up narrative by the left.  What it really should be is “All roads lead to Obama.”  But way to project, Pelosi. She’s acting so desperate now that the hearing has gone south. She has to go to the press and claim that “hearsay evidence” is the most important evidence one can have, that they don’t need first-hand evidence, and we’ll never see the whistleblower. Not over her dead body, apparently. Boy, oh boy are the left worried, or what, that he’ll have to be exposed and answer questions before the committee almost like an Avanati appearance–can only serve to hurt their impeachment case.

But seriously, if these two stiffs are the best the Democrats have against Trump, we better get out our pillows for the rest of this sham of a hearing.

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