Afternoon Session: Assumptions, Disappointment, Blind Opinions But No Claims of Bribery…Next.


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Ambassador Volker actually said that the reason he didn’t pay any attention to Biden’s video about quid pro quo was because he’s known Biden for years and Biden would never do anything like this.  Wow! This is the biggest “see no evil and hear no evil” I’ve ever seen.  We’re going to go by his opinion of Biden versus what Biden said on video about himself and Obama? The guy’s either blind, deaf, or dumb.  I’m appalled by the level of devotion to the Bidens. What do the Bidens have on everyone?

Volker mentioned “conspiracy theories” several times regarding the Bidens which is exactly what the media calls it. Who the hell is he to tell us what to believe? If there was corruption under the Obama Administration, he’s covering it up.  He’s either involved in a coverup or is vying for a future job at CNN. After all, former Obama officials end up there–Brennan, Clapper, McCabe.

This whole impeachment sham is based on nothing more than a gossip session.  We have to listen to everyone’s recollection of a conversation they had or heard with so and so.  From now on every official working in the government has to watch what he says and to whom he says it.  This is what this ordeal is boiling down to.  This will be the quietest government from now on because people won’t want to go to congress to remember what they said. Trump won’t call anymore heads of state because he knows now that the swamp is listening in and tattling.

Can you imagine if Obama was accused of bribery after one of his calls to heads of state?  The press would be out in arms yelling discrimination and racism.  This is why I feel Trump is the first president to be a victim of reverse racism mainly because he replaced a Black president.  Tough act to follow, apparently.  If he was Black, none of these accusations would ever get past the whistleblower.  In fact, the IG would blow the whistleblower out of his office and probably fire pajama boy and send him home to mommy where he belongs.

Obama and Bush have both held back funds to other countries for various reasons and were never accused of bribery. It’s SOP for the president so we don’t look like pushovers in the eyes of other countries. Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of night without approval of congress!  Was that a bribe?  Biden held back a billion in aid to Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor investigating Burmisa.  Was that a bribe?  In fact, the media thought Biden sounded like a tough guy and they laughed. I like the way these so-called honest officials need their lawyers sitting next to them whispering in their ear.  It’s been my experience that if you have nothing to hide, you don’t need a lawyer. They’re hiding something.

Schiff keeps reiterating that Trump held up aid for PERSONAL GAIN to get “dirt” on his opponent, Biden.  First of all, Trump was not worried about running against Biden as Biden hadn’t fared well in either debate. Secondly, we thought getting opposition research was allowed as that’s what Hillary and Obama had done on Trump and no one cared then.  Hmmm.  Amazing. Thirdly, it’s part of Trump’s job due to a treaty with Ukraine to cooperate with the U.S. regarding all corruption, even by a former VP.  No one is above the law. And lastly, the dirt, as the Dems so eloquently call it, was already out there.  Biden incriminates himself in a video. Trump just wanted Ukraine to complete the investigation so that “selling your name and influence” can never be done by a U.S. leader again.  That’s a good thing.

Both witnesses admitted no bribery was committed by Trump or any of his administration. So why are they here?  Morrison admitted Vindman did not come to him regarding his concerns over the phone call but went to others…(whistleblower). The plot thickens. Looks like the Dems are getting hooked on their own fishing line.  Oops! Ouch, that hurts.

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