Today’s Hearing: Lots of Inference, Tattletaling, Praising, and Fishing.


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Again, the Democrats are fishing for something, anything, to hang on Trump.  They ask leading questions and come up empty.  Law Class 101:  Don’t ask a question of your witness unless you already know the answer.  For instance:  Democrat Goldman asked Vindman, “When you met with Ukraine officials after the infamous phone call, did they express any concern for where their aid was?”  Long pause from Vindman while he searches for the appropriate answer and squirms in his seat.  “No, no mention of it.”  Boom.  Case closed.  Why are we continuing this charade?

Vindman reminds me of a chubby Boy Scout in high school that tattletales on the Football Quarterback for doing something “inappropriate” in class–maybe sending a love note to a girl. Trump doesn’t have to use Vindman’s outline of questions when talking to a head of state.  Vindman is not an elected leader.  Vindman has used the words inappropriate and improper in reference to Trump’s call but he also infers a lot into it.  He claims Trump demanded they look into Biden. There was nothing in the transcript that reads demand. Trump has a brain and can ask his own questions. And there was no mention of anything impeachable being spoken.

I suspect Vindman is a Biden supporter, possibly an Obama holdover, that knows a lot about the corruption that they were involved in and, coincidentally, he never objected to that.  Why?  Was he part of the operation and afraid of being implemented?  He got offered a high level job in Ukraine.  Why?  This could be just the tip of the iceberg. And who cares if Pence didn’t attend Zelinsky’s inauguration?  Why is that even mentioned?  That’s not impeachable or evidence to anything impeachable. Trump didn’t want them both out of country at same time, it was learned later but the inference from Ms. Williams made it sound vindictive.

Again this is a witch hunt just a new subject of witch hunt–from Russia to Ukraine. Trump is allowed to investigate corruption in Ukraine during the 2016 election just as Mueller was allowed to investigate Russian corruption in 2016.  Trump is allowed to wonder why Biden held back funds in exchange for a prosecutor being fired–the real quid pro quo.  I thought “No one is above the law, not even candidates for president.” The media continues to report that the Biden/Hunter issue has been investigated and dismissed for no wrong doing.  Really? Not true, as the prosecutor was fired. Any president would wonder.  But since it’s Trump, they dismiss him.

The media is so corrupt itself, I wonder what kind of country we have turned into. I feel like we are living in soviet-style third world country where we aren’t allowed to hear the truth. Again, I say “Thank God for FOX News, Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham.”  Without their investigative reporters and this handful of congressmen and senators, we’d know nothing.  Also “Thank God for Rush Limbaugh.”

Ms. Williams is not aware of anything pertaining to the Bidens yet she works with Ukraine. We seem to know more than her.  Why is that?  I suspect she’s a feminist and a big Hillary supporter and is undermining the president because she’s pissed that he won the election. I wasn’t impressed with any of her answers, despite that Vindman warned us not to criticize them.  Sorry Vindman, I don’t take advice from you either. I find Vindman to be somewhat of a traitor and a snitch.

This Resistance group is larger than I thought. I’ve never seen so many officials that are not curious about the real corruption that goes on right before their eyes.  It’s amazing.  Here’s their most often said comments:  “I’m not aware” and “Inappropriate” and “Improper.” When asked if they were “Nevertrumpers” they acted like they’d never heard the term.

Vindman refused to answer questions regarding who he told his recollection of the phone call.  Whistleblower comes to mind. Schiff interrupted and the audience groaned.  Schiff said this hearing is not about outing the whistleblower.  But Vindman already testified in private that he did not know the whistleblower. So how could he out him? Red flag alert. Then his lawyer interceded to say he will not answer this question.  This is a total set up and a sham. They’re all in it together to take out Trump and the Democrats are hiding something big from this hearing. I suspect Vindman is the conduit to the whistleblower, and they don’t want that fact exposed.  Vindman has never spoken to Trump and never met him.  Another witness that is out-of-the-loop and wants to be in-the-loop.

The Democrats kissed Boy Scout’s butt making him out to be another war hero and irreproachable. Bottomline is:  Boy Scout Vindman listened in on Trump’s phone call and decided upon himself what was inappropriate or improper and relayed the contents to the whistleblower who met with Schiff and, voila, we finally have “hearsay” grounds for impeachment!  And now this sham of a hearing.  But not one ounce of evidence of bribery (which is their newly-polled buzzword) to impeach Trump on.

If this isn’t a fishing expedition, I don’t know what is. But if the Democrats aren’t careful, they may snag themselves with the hook: Vindman leaked to the partisan, activist whistleblower. We judge people by the company they keep.  If this is his company, all his testimony is not to be believed.  He’s part of the coup.

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