Clueless Ambassador Sondland.

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How can an ambassador that is in the loop with all the top government officials never hear of the Biden/Hunter connection to Burisma and Ukraine’s attempt to interfere in Trump’s election?  Does he have his head in the proverbial sand like an ostrich?

He’s spoken with Rudy and Trump and all the other players yet this never came up?  Amazing!  Sondland is a cocky, former supporter of JEB which says a lot.  He probably thinks Trump stole the presidency from JEB. Sondland obviously never watches FOX News or he would have heard of these issues years ago.  How can we have people in such high positions being so clueless?

He probably believes in Russian collusion and is a buddy of Mueller too.  All these guys are in cahoots together. His testimony today is nothing more than a he said, he said, he overheard, he said, and I deduced. This is not evidence to impeach a popular president. Sondland even admitted that Zelensky loves President Trump.  Isn’t that enough to make these diplomats happy?  Apparently not.

But the most damning evidence against impeachment was when Sondland called the president and asked what he wanted from Ukraine.  Trump said, “I want nothing. I want NO quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.”  Boom.  Case closed again.  For Sondland then to say he put two and two together and came up with four–meaning Trump required Zelensky to announce investigations into Biden will begin before releasing aid is a big stretch or he’s bad at math. Sondland went on to say, the aid was not tied to anything, I just presumed it was. That’s a big presumption too.


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Trump is allowed to investigate corruption into his 2016 campaign and also to investigate corruption by the Obama administration in Ukraine.  Whether or not it was his condition to release aid to Ukraine is a moot point.  Not impeachable.  A.G. Barr is looking into it anyway with the help of Rudy, I presume, so what’s the big whoop?  It’s all going to come out in the wash soon, despite what the Dems want.

Sondland is definitely a hostile witness to Trump since he comes to his own conclusions which are not favorable to Trump. I get the feeling he voted for Hillary even. But Trump never said anything wrong. The left will spin his testimony as a win for them today, no doubt.  But Sondland came today to contribute to Trump’s impeachment.  He actually thinks Trump was trying to dig up dirt on his opponent, I believe.  Clueless Sondland.  The dirt was already out and has been for some time.

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It’s amazing to me how uninformed all these so-called smart diplomats are. I think they are willfully ignorant.  They’re nothing more than central casting for the Revenge of the Nerds II which is another way of saying Schiff’s Resistance Movement, or as the whistleblower called it, the Coup begins.

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