Recipe For “Impeachment Pot Pie.”


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Poor Nancy Pelosi, she can’t seem to get her “ingredients for impeachment of Trump” correct. She admits now that they want to impeach Trump for collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign. It slipped out of her trembling voice. She said forget Ukraine (as she knows they don’t have any evidence of all the crap they’ve spewed.)  All roads lead to Putin, is her infamous line.  So they’re going back to the failed Mueller Report that said there was no collusion and going to rewrite history.

Mueller and his team of Trump haters concluded that Trump DID NOT collude with Russia to win the election! In fact, they admitted “THAT NOT ONE VOTE WAS CHANGED DUE TO RUSSIA INTERFERENCE.”  Here’s what they’re trying to hang their pink hats on now: Trump at a rally saying, “Hey Russia, if you have Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails (meaning that they may have already been hacked by any country as she was on a private, unsecure server) turn them over and make a reporter real happy.”  Keep in mind Hillary’s computer was already shut down and probably sent to Crowdstrike at this point, but the MSM never adds that part of the story. Trump was making a joke!  But the Democrats don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to Trump. You can’t impeach a president for a joke he made PRIOR TO being president or after.

The Wikileaks printing of Podesta’s emails was an inside job based on forensic evidence which the Democrats refuse to accept. But they continue to bring this up too.  Trump had no involvement in Wikileaks.  Just ask Julian Assange who seems to be dying in the witness protection program right now.

Trump’s one liner at a rally is the main ingredient together with some seasoning like Trump’s comment in the Ukraine call when he asked Zelinski to look into what happened in 2016 with the server and then sprinkled on top is checking into the firing of a prosecutor which was horrible.  Voila! We’ve got an Impeachment Pot Pie.

It wasn’t even about 2020 and whether Biden is running for president. That should have no bearing on this investigation as NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, as they keep telling us.  This is all they have. It’s not enough to impeach. They’re looking like fools and are making a mockery of our constitution and democracy which they’re so big on repeating. They’re also claiming, together with the nutcase professor Karlan, that impeachment is urgent due to the fact that Trump is recruiting other countries to interfere with our elections right now!  Balderdash and malarky!

According to Jonathan Turley if they want to use those ingredients in their pie, they’ve got to make it complete by adding fact witnesses that can testify to Joe’s involvement (or not) in corrupt Burisma and the missing server which is alleged to be in Ukraine and the Republican’s claim that Ukraine also tried to influence the 2016 election by favoring Hillary and running anti-Trump ads.

Obviously Russia and Ukraine’s influence did not change one vote, but if you’re going to accuse Trump of colluding with Ukraine for the 2020 election you have to allow exculpatory witnesses to this story; but so far, not one witness has been allowed for Trump.  They only allowed Turley because he’s a registered Democrat and they figured they could get to him. He’s probably being threatened by the left as I write. That’s what they do.  They tamper with witnesses, not Trump.  Everything they accuse Trump of, they are currently doing.


Place in pie dish “Trump’s one liner at a rally”

Fold in saying “looking into Crowdstrike server”

Sprinkle on top saying “checking into Biden’s firing a prosecutor in Ukraine”

Bake in the Mainstream Media for weeks.

Serve with “colluded with Wikileaks, asking China to investigate the Bidens, and an Article 2 comment taken out of context referring to Comey’s firing”

And you got yourself a delicious Impeachment Pot Pie.

(Kool Aid will pair well with hefty portions of this pie.)






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