Strike One: The Horowitz Report. Durham’s Now Up to Bat.


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Still waiting for one indictment or criminal referral of the Deep State. :/ Hopefully, Durham won’t swing and miss like the Horowitz Report.  What a missed opportunity to tell the truth about the FBI. You disappoint me, Horowitz. You listed all the mistakes the FBI made, then claim they weren’t purposeful or without intent? Not politically motivated?  Are…you…kidding…me?  Just sloppy like when a Democrat stuffed files in his pants and stole them from an office? Or as Comey said, “People make mistakes.”  We expect the best from our “top cops.” The investigators always err on the side of the Democrats. Horowitz went back to his Jewish roots and stuck with the Dems.  The Jews in the news are a disappointment to me lately. I can say this without being called an anti semite as my Jewish husband is disappointed too.

I hope Durham will be able to find the courage to come up with one indictment of someone we’ve heard of before.  Hate to see Comey sticking it to all the deplorables in interviews.  His lying, smug mug makes me physically ill to look at. You spied Comey! It is a moral outrage.

The FBI has dirty cops at the top and were following Obama’s orders!  Why can’t anyone say this?  Why are we playing dumb? Afraid of being called racist?  This is way beyond race.  It’s premeditated corruption at the highest level. It was a coup d’etat.

I’m counting on Durham and A. G. Barr now to hit a grand slam and bring some indictments home.  Swing batta, batta. And don’t miss this time! If they don’t, I swear I will lose faith in all government officials.

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