All Roads DON’T Lead to Putin…They Lead to Obama.


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Someone has to say it.  The media will never say it–not even FOX News. They nibble around the edges but never say it.  As Democrat President Truman once famously said,

  “The buck stops here” is a phrase that was popularized by Democrat U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. Wikipedia.

“Come on, man,” as Joe Biden would say. We’re all thinking it.  All this corruption and underhanded behavior by the FBI, CIA, IRS, VA, GS, and other departments had been schemed and overseen by the top–Obama.  We were warned while Obama was running for president that he had radical connections possibly even being influenced as a teenager from a radical Muslim mentor. Then we heard he attended services in a church of the radical Reverend Wright. He also began his quest for the presidency in the home of an unrepentant terrorist which he dismissed as “just a guy in the neighborhood.” I always wondered how many pow wows Obama had with this guy in the neighborhood before he decided to run for president. All of this information was reported to us during the election by FOX News, Hannity, and Rush but was buried by the MSM to the rest of the gullibles.

I immediately became concerned about what Obama was doing to our country and labeled him a “stealth financial terrorist.”  It sounded rather harsh even to me, but our retirement plan reflected what I was feeling.  For eight years under Obama jobs were difficult to find, companies were cutting back, my husband’s business sale fell through due to the crash in the stock market, and our retirement plan was flat–didn’t make any money in eight years.  I’m not exaggerating either.  For a while I wondered why we even had money in stocks and mutual funds.

Obama’s executive orders requiring stiff regulations on companies, high corporate taxes, crazy healthcare plan, climate change criteria, and political correctness was ruining our country and in our plain sight.  Traditional values were going by the wayside too. He was caught in many scandals which he takes no responsibility for, unlike Democrat Harry S. Truman. In fact, he boldly claims now that he had a “scandal free” administration.  Not true.

First there was Fast and Furious where our government sold guns to Mexico in order to trace them and one was used at our border and killed one of our border patrolman. Their goal was to change the gun laws in America, but it backfired on them. No pun intended. Then there was the General Services scandal where they were going on expensive junkets and sipping wine in jetted tubs in luxurious hotels and taking photos.  No telling what other salacious activities they were involved in.  Then there was the IRS singling out conservative nonprofit groups and not giving them protective status or holding up their requests.  Lois Lerner comes to mind that took the fifth in front of congress then was given a pension and let go.

There were many other scandals where the FBI had dropped the ball from the Ft. Hood to Aurora Theater to San Bernardino to Boston Marathon to Sandy Hook to Orlando Club to Benghazi terror attacks which was their biggest scandal. They all lied, covered up, had the media protecting them including Candy Crowley during a debate with Romney allowing Obama to win a second term.

Then there was the “war on police” that Obama condoned from Ferguson to Trayvon Martin to Boston Police and a few others. This was the birth of the movement called Black Lives Matter which led to the birth of kneeling Kaepernick which was a thorn in America’s side until Trump made some changes.

There were also many financial decisions Obama made that failed during his presidency; for example: the failed Solyndra startup, and his famous line that these jobs weren’t as shovel ready as I thought referring to a tax hike that funded government programs.  We suspect this government money really went to all his donors as payback.  Another scandal. Then the pallets of cash being sent to Iran in the dead of night, the hostages being taken from our Navy ship by Iran, and the horrible deal made with Iran which did not allow us to go check on their nuclear activity in a timely manner.

The fact is Obama’s administration was so filled with scandals it was hard to stay on one before another one popped up. Then the final scandal which he cooked up prior to Trump’s inauguration and held a meeting with Susan Rice who deemed it necessary to write a memo on it.  After all, they used her to lie to America regarding a hateful video that spurred on the Benghazi attack. Obama is, and was, behind the FBI and CIA coup d’etat of Trump.  PERIOD.

All roads lead to Obama. When we can finally admit this, we’ll get to the bottom of this whole mystery from the Russia Hoax to Ukraine Hoax to the current Impeachment Sham. Obama is the puppet master and always has been.  But the dirty cops and politicians and some investigators are fearful to say it.  Why?  Either Obama was the most clueless president in U.S. History as to what was going on all around him or was behind it; I suspect the latter.

Obama is teflon. But as we all know teflon doesn’t last forever, it scratches up and needs to be tossed out.  Obama’s teflon shelf life is about over.  Tick…tock…tick…tock…

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Stay tuned.


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