To Never-Trumpers: Just Wonder If?

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Did you ever consider that you could all be wrong about President Trump? Like the bloody poster in Fargo the series says: “Wonder if you’re right and they’re wrong?”  Well, wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?

Wonder if Trump really ran to make America great again and is not in it for his company, his children, or himself like you all accused from day one?

Wonder if he and his campaign were NOT involved in collusion with Russia whatsoever and just won outright by his wit and tenacity?  Why do we never hear about Russia collusion any longer?

Wonder if he really wants to keep America safe by banning folks from terror hot-bed countries and is not anti-Muslim and racist and xenophobic like you all claim?  The Supreme Court said his ban was legal and within his right as a president to make.

Wonder if these crazy women that came out accusing him of sexual harassment were just hired by his political enemies as part of the “Insurance Plan?”  Certainly seems like a possibility since reading those texts from the cowardly FBI lovebirds.

Wonder if Trump is just a sharp businessman and is bringing back our economy and jobs to America by making our tariffs fair and lowering stifling regulations and taxes on companies?  Just wonder if?

Wonder if he really wants to defeat terrorism around the world and eliminate the threat of ISIS altogether?  Why do we never hear the word ISIS any longer?  Hmmm.

Wonder if Trump has empathy for all the people of all races, religions, and economic levels?  Unemployment has gone down to historic levels for Blacks and Hispanics since he took office.  Hmmm. And he certainly cares more about Israel than Obama did.

Wonder if the Mueller Probe that was set off by Comey and Strzok is nothing more than a witch hunt to take down his presidency as he claims?  Starting to look like it.

Wonder if Trump wants peace around the world and wants to avoid war at all costs?  He certainly has calmed things in North Korea.

Wonder if the Paris Accord was nothing more than a bad deal for America and will not help the climate at all?  Just wonder if he is right?  We won’t know for thirty years so why say he’s wrong already?

I could go on and on with the wonder ifs but the bottom line is:  Trump won his election fair and square despite what the crooked hypocrite Hillary says and his win should be acknowledged and not resisted by the Never Trumpers.  You all need to support the will of the people and our president and stop all the name-calling hate and feigned outrage like Abolish ICE and Impeach 45.  It’s getting old and is ridiculous.

The next time you Never Trumpers want to go in public to say something stupid about our sitting president or his policies, just stop and think:  Wonder if Trump is right and you’re all wrong?  Just wonder if?

This was written July 6, 2018 but appears that the “wonder ifs” are becoming true. 

More wonder ifs:

Wonder if Smollett was hired by the Dems to commit his crime and when it went south, they scattered like rats on a drowning ship but they had to rescue him from prosecution?  Wonder if?  It’s starting to appear that way.

Wonder if the Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump from day one and set him up with the Mueller probe and the Ukraine hoax?  Seems that way.

Wonder if Benghazi was as bad as we all claimed but were told by the media it was not a big deal?

Wonder if Biden, when he was VP, and his son were involved in a reign of pay for play like Trump and many others suspect?

I know most of the Never-Trumpers are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and will never listen to reason; but regardless, they need to consider some of the above.


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