Senator Zombies Dramatically Slow-walk Through Congress to Deliver Their Sham Impeachment.

Image result for pictures of a group of walking zombies

What an embarrassing day in history to witness these Democrat senators slow-walking through the halls of congress after delivering their phony Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.  Senator Schumer gave a horrible speech filled with lies much like Schiff used to do. The sham continues. How did anyone keep a straight face without breaking into laughter?  Someone had to break a smile at least.  We all know what they’re doing. They all know what they’re doing.  The people all know what they’re doing.  So why do they keep up the charade?  For the stupid media, of course.  They are always slow on the uptake.

Why are the Republicans allowing these zombies to sandbag the Senate?  I thought the Republicans were in charge now.  So far I haven’t seen it. I also worry about Justice Roberts.  Wasn’t he the one who approved Obamacare and appointed by Bush?  Not a good sign. He could be part of the Never-trumpers. Hope he won’t have to break any tied votes.

The more this impeachment sham continues, the more I’m losing faith in our justice system and our government.  I can’t believe there isn’t a way to throw this whole thing out of court.  Not looking forward to next week’s beginning of the so-called trial.  Could be the weirdest trial in history.  No crimes were committed. No direct evidence of a crime was presented. The Democrats want four witnesses that they could’ve called in the House interrogation but didn’t.  They won’t accept any witnesses the Republicans want to call as they call them irrelevant to Trump’s case.  If the Senate votes to dismiss, they are already labeling it a coverup.  So basically, the Democrats think they’re holding all the cards.  If they are, we’re all doomed.

Several senators in the jury pool are running or have run for president against Trump. That’s a conflict of interest and any lawyer would excuse them.  If anyone thinks they are impartial, my God they must think we have stupid written on our foreheads. They should recuse themselves like the Republicans are always anxious to do; like Sessions did. But no. They took an oath to be impartial.  They’ve already lied underoath. I saw that angry Kamala Harris’ speech.  She is spitting venom for Trump.  The Republicans should ask them to be excused.

Has America figured out yet that this all started from a phony Russia Collusion charge which turned into an Abuse of Power with Ukraine charge–both of which were fabricated by the left?  Have they figured this out yet?  If they have, why do we have to endure more weeks of this witch hunt?  This is all it is–a witch hunt.

Now to the senators running for president:  Warren is lying 100%. The lady is a pathological liar.  Bernie never told her a woman couldn’t be president.  Bernie had the election stolen by Hillary so obviously he knows a woman can win. CNN is involved in a setup against Bernie again to take him out. They want Biden as they know a socialist cannot beat Trump.  I doubt if Biden can either as he’s a few bricks short of a load but he continues to spew lies about Trump so it’s game on.

Stay tuned for the zombie court next week.




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