How Pelosi Put Me in the ER.

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On December 18, 2019, after watching the House of Representatives vote to impeach a duly elected, popular president, I went to bed with a myriad of feelings most of which was sadness.  It figuratively broke my heart to see what they had done to Trump.  The next morning I awoke feeling like I had been punched in my heart.  It was a dull pain so I took a baby aspirin which didn’t seem to help.  I went through the holidays with the dull pain, but had other things to think about like shopping, cooking, visiting, and wrapping.  Throughout the holidays I had this dull pain in my heart but never told anyone.  I didn’t want them to say I need to get it checked out. ER’s freak me out.

So after all the holidays were over, I began to worry about what was causing the pain. I was also losing my appetite so I finally mentioned it to my husband who said I should go to the doctor but I we were out of town.  During this last two weeks the pain seemed to mimic signs of heart disease. I had a sudden unexplained pain in my left shoulder that radiated to my upper back.  That’s one of the signs of heart attack, so I really started worrying.  I thought I’d die in my sleep.  So I started to call around town for a doctor appointment, but they weren’t taking new patients.  I finally found one that would see me on Monday but the nurse told me to go to urgent care in the meantime.

When I was finally seen by the doctor in the urgent care exam room, my pulse was 150 and blood pressure 157/110.  But I couldn’t feel my heart pumping that hard. Usually you feel a fast heart beat. They gave me an EKG which was abnormal and told me to go to the nearby hospital ER.

The ER put me through a battery of tests from complete blood work, heart xray, heart monitor, and two more EKGs.  The doctor came into the room after reviewing the tests and said she didn’t think it was heart-related although it mimicked all the heart attack symptoms.  I was an anomaly. She said I turned an unrelated pain in chest area into anxiety about what was causing the pain making it worse when my pulse went up. After an ativan and four hours in ER monitoring my pulse, it went back down to 89 and blood pressure to 120/80.  My diagnosis was Anxiety with Atypical Chest Pain with a follow-up stress test on a treadmill next week.

If I hadn’t gone to ER and it did turn out to be a heart attack, I’d be regretting it.  So glad I went. Feel much better today although the dull ache is still there. It is the ache of a broken heart. I’m broken-hearted over this impeachment fiasco. Whenever Nancy says with a smile, “Impeachment is forever” it adds to my pain. She’s the sick one.

I personally think I experienced a psychosomatic heart attack due to a metaphorical punch to the heart over this impeachment sham that Pelosi is putting our country through. Why else did it start on December 18, 2019?  Pelosi put me in the ER with a fake heart attack from a fake impeachment.  Our minds are definitely connected to the physical welfare of our bodies.

Of course, the logical solution to this problem is turn off the news and put my head in the sand like half of America but that’s just not me.  I want to know what’s going on and will continue to seek information as long as it’s not fake news. Live by the sword, die by the sword, so to speak.



2 thoughts on “How Pelosi Put Me in the ER.

  1. Having had a minor heart attack in 2016 and a quintuple by pass in 2017 I was alarmed by your post, I’m happy it turned out well. Always be aware of your body and health it will save your life. Good luck. Looking forward to more great articles.


  2. Thanks for your concern. I have a followup today with a GP. Still no answers to why my chest has a dull pain in it that hurts when I breathe or why my pain went into my shoulder and back. Just the thought of going to the ER gives me anxiety that’s why I avoided it thru the holidays. Glad you survived your heart bypass.


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