House is Playing Dangerous “Game of Chicken” of Who Will Swerve First?

Metaphorically speaking.

Image result for images of the game of chicken with cars

The House is demanding witnesses that they could have called during the “prosecution or grand jury process” of the Impeachment Hearing.  The Senate, if push comes to shove, may call their bluff and ask to hear from Hunter and Joe Biden, Schiff, and the whistleblower; but this would drag the trial out for weeks if not months due to Executive Privilege and decisions from Justice Roberts on whether Hunter is relevant.  Who will swerve (give in) first?

In game of chicken, two cars are coming in opposite direction on a very narrow road. One car can pass only if driver of other car swerves, if one who swerves faces humiliation of being called “Chicken”, so both drivers will not swerve and will keep driving straight expecting that other driver will swerve. This often results in accidents.

The Game of Chicken was often played by high school boys in the 1950s with their hot rods, their gals looking on in fear of who’d lose and be labeled “Chicken” or if they both crashed.  If one of them fails to swerve at the last second, it could be fatal.

The Democrats are playing this Game of Chicken as they want to appear tough or like they’ve got some direct evidence against Trump; but in reality, they want the Republicans to dismiss their request so they can label it “a coverup.” Neither wants witnesses called to testify as they don’t know what they’re going to say.  But some on both sides are asking for witnesses to be called–the Democrats to appear like the Senate is hiding something and the Republicans–to expose the real truth about Biden and his son’s shenanigans which go to the top-Obama–and was the impetus for Trump’s favor of Zelenski to look into the corruption in 2016. Or as the Democrats call it--a debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

To be clear, the House had their opportunity to call the requested four witnesses that worked under Trump during the Impeachment Hearing, but they chose to rush the proceedings before the holidays–for whatever reason. Now they want the Senate side to do clean up, prolonging the trial in hopes of bloodying up Trump before the election.

If they’re not careful, both sides are heading for a fatal crash, figuratively speaking.  A prolonged trial could hurt either side in November. Short and succinct is how the Senate prefers to play it, but the Democrats want to “play chicken” to make it seem like the Senate is hiding something.

If the Republicans take their bait and agree to witnesses, it could be fatal.  Be smart Republicans and don’t take the bait.  They’re always trying to set you or Trump up.  Take the high road and risk being labeled “cover up artists” i.e. swerve before it’s too late.  Let Trump deal with that label during his reelection campaign. He’s a big boy and can handle it.

Law School–Trial Class 101–  “Never call a witness to the stand if you’re not sure what they’ll testify to.”


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