Second Day of Trial Was a Snoozefest.


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Are the Democrats trying to bore us to death? Sales of My Pillow soared yesterday. When I saw Schiff up to the mic I turned it off. I got the snippets from the news–not mainstream news. Mainstream praised Schiff as being dazzling.  Ugh!  This guy apparently lied over thirty times.  Maybe Klobuchar should start counting Schiff’s lies like she does to Trump’s so-called lies.

Buzz word of the day seemed to shift to “cheat.”  Trump cheated in the 2016 election with the help of Russia and tried to cheat again with the help of Ukraine but GOT CAUGHT.   Trump must be cringing to hear them slander him like this.  They’re presenting “facts not in evidence” and would be objected in a real court of law. It’s hard to even watch the snippets.

Schiff also implied that we can’t trust the 2020 election as it will be unfair like it was in 2016 where Trump colluded with Russia. See, they are still miffed that the Mueller Report failed them, so they’re going back to the same old well. This claim has already been debunked by the Mueller Report which stated that not one American colluded with Russia.  A friend of mine (who’s a Democrat) said one of her friends actually repeated and believes the narrative of Schiff’s “parody” that he speiled in congress during the Impeachment Hearing which was a totally fabricated version of Trump’s phone call with Zelenski. This little speil Schiff gave must have been played over and over on fake news MSNBC and has hoodwinked many voters into thinking Trump is a mobster.

This is what we are dealing with: misinformation, lies, and coverups.  In fact, this Impeachment Sham is nothing more than a another bite at the apple to tarnish Trump before the next election.  Candidates will claim the Senate refused to hear witnesses and are involved in a coverup for Trump.  That will be what the lying candidates run on. It’s also been reported that they’re trying to flip a few seats in the Senate and takeover in 2020 which would cripple Trump’s next four years.

What the Democrats are doing is a disgrace to our democracy.  One has said that the Democrats have ruined our government from here on forward:  Whistleblowers will not be believed, FISA Court will not be respected as well as the FBI and CIA, and the importance of Impeachment has been cheapened to the level of a traffic ticket fine.

People who don’t follow what is going on or just read the NYT are misinformed and will vote against Trump despite all that he’s accomplished.  They will vote for integrity or the soul of the presidential office which they “hear”  Trump has sullied.  Or they’ll vote Trump out just to end all this madness. This is what the Dems are hoping for.

Laura Ingraham last night exposed a bombshell report on the whistleblower when he worked under Obama.  He was reportedly working with Ukraine and Burisma and had many visits with these characters in the White House.  This Hunter Biden coverup goes to the top and is why the Obama Administration must be shaking in their boots. Joe is dripping in corruption and should be scared as well. He was the liaison (pointman)  between the White House and Ukraine. No wonder Trump wanted to find out if Ukraine tried to interfere in the 2016 election. Trump obviously has more information than we are privy to and is just waiting to unload it during his 2020 presidential debates unless it is exposed beforehand.

This same whistleblower was conspiring with others to boot Trump out from day one and was just waiting for the opportune moment to start the next hoax.  The moment was the day after the Mueller Report bombed and Vindman tattled to him about a phone call that “ruffled his patriotic feathers.”  Vindman had been reprimanded for being a political activist while serving under Trump.  Not to be trusted.

I hope the Senate defense lawyers will delve into some of these scandals and bring them to light during the Defense of Donald Trump. They need to blow shady Schiff and all his lies out of the water then dismiss this whole sham of a trial for “lack of evidence or even a crime” before it bloodies Trump’s reputation anymore.

Conversely, the Democrats may be shooting themselves in the feet as the voters may get fed up with all their bullsh-t and vote the bums all out of office.  One could only hope.  Time to start praying for America and that Trump will win in 2020.

2 + 2 + 2+ 2 = 8 Year Term for Trump. 

2 awesome Supreme Court Justices + 2 terror leaders taken out + 2 awesome trade deals + 2 eliminated terrible Obama deals = 8 Year Term for Trump.


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