Participation Trophy Party–Democrat Party.


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There’s something rotten in Iowa.  This is the party that wants to take over our healthcare?  They can’t even run a small voting program.  It was either coordinated to screw Bernie out of his momentum or just plain old incompetence.  Either way, we can’t let them be in charge of a snack shack at a little league game let alone the health of our country.  They aren’t good at anything other than targeting the president.  That’s their forte.

Some compare the caucus snafu to the launch of Obamacare. I smell a rat like Hillary.  Turns out some of her boys were in charge of the program and should have tested it.  Did the DNC want to quash Bernie’s win by claiming their program malfunctioned?  They are all behind Biden and possibly why this happened. Interestingly, some of the candidates took a victory speech like they had won.  Participation trophy winners.  They participated so why not let them be the winner?

Or was it an orchestrated attempt to take the narrative away from Trump’s State of the Union Address tonight?  Maybe they will finally announce a winner right when Trump goes to the mic.  Would not put it past them.  They are tricky.  Let’s wait a week and see how they can blame Trump for their computer glitch, shall we?  Russia where are you when they need you?

Prayers go out to Rush Limbaugh who usually filled my mornings with his show.  Wishing him a successful treatment and quick recovery. We can’t lose him.


2 thoughts on “Participation Trophy Party–Democrat Party.

  1. This was clearly a move to take out the old socialist. They took one for the team, looking like idiots to achieve the desired results. There is more to come in this dog and pony show, stay tuned. Great blog.


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