Bloomberg Will Need a Food Tester…

woman holds sliced pizza seats by table with glass
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if he chooses crooked Hillary as his running mate.  How naive can he be?  We don’t want a naive president that can be fooled by leaders of other countries.  To hint that he’d pick crooked Hillary, who’s been drooling to be president since 2001, is a fatal error. She’d be one heartbeat away from the presidency which she’s been lusting for twenty years. And we all know the reputation of the Clintons. He obviously thinks he’d garner the feminist vote if he chooses Hillary.  Really?  He’d be better off choosing Marianne Williamson, the hippie author.  The millennials of the country hate billionaires and possibly even Hillary too. He may fool the women on The View to vote for him and some of Hollywood, but that’s it.

Why are some candidates putting out rumors of who’d they’d pick for their ticket other than they can’t make it on their own?  They need a running mate that will cover for some of their shortcomings.  Bloomberg’s not good with women so, therefore, choose Hillary.  Bernie’s White so, therefore, choose Abrams and check two boxes.  Biden is looking bad for everyone and hinted at choosing Michelle.

Next Buttigieg will hint at choosing a candidate much older and more experienced than himself as a running mate similar to what Obama did.  Will it be a woman?  Not so sure he gets along with women. Maybe Charlie Crist.  Maybe Romney, the new darling of the left or former Senator Flake both proven thorns in Trump’s side. Klobuchar is a feminist and would likely choose another feminist as her running mate.  Maybe Kirsten Gillibrand or Kamala Harris.

These candidates aren’t ready for prime time.  None of them.  Bernie has been a socialist for thirty years.  He thinks standing in line for food is a good thing and wants that for our country as long as it solves the homeless and poor problem.  Buttigieg has had a chip on his shoulder as he was raised by a socialist.  His hero in high school was none other than Bernie Sanders.  That says a lot. And his father’s mentors were the same as Obama’s.  Never underestimate a man with a chip on his shoulder like Obama had.  Bloomberg has something to prove to himself and is using his run for the presidency for his ego.  He would be running for a different goal–not to make America Great–but to make himself greater. He’s on a power trip like the left has accused Trump of from day one.  He looks down on blue collar workers. Trump’s tariffs on China may be hurting Bloomberg too, so he’d get rid of them.

Don’t trust Bloomberg especially if he chooses crooked Hillary, as your first decision as president is choosing a running mate and that would be an unforced error. Could you envision a debate between Pence and Hillary–a saint versus a career cheater/liar in everything she does? Just because a person is good at one thing, financial investments, does not make him a good candidate for president.  Bloomberg has apologized for every decision he made as mayor of New York moving to the left which makes him wishy washy. We don’t need a wishy washy president going on another apology tour. We want a tough president who’s proud of America, like Trump.






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