Bloomberg and Bezo Could Solve the Homeless Crisis, But They Don’t Care.


low angle shot of an old apartment building exterior with worn out paint
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men on brown scaffolding
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apartment architecture balcony building
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With the 400 million that Bloomberg spent on his campaign ads so far, he could have paid for the restoration of hundreds of dilapidated apartment buildings, hotels, or mobile home parks to be inhabited by the homeless in our cities.  Bezo recently spent 170 million on a home in Beverly Hills for himself.  He could have restored numerous old apartment buildings around town for the homeless.  When home-shamed by the press, Bezo promised to throw a billion or two at climate change.  Climate change spending will not help the homeless.  Windmills won’t help the homeless.  Solar panels won’t help the homeless. Charging stations do nothing for the homeless.

These men are two of the richest men in the country but don’t spend their money wisely.  Instead, they selfishly spend it on themselves but will vote Democrat because they have “wealth guilt.”  They would prefer to have taxes doubled for everyone and ruin the economy rather than spring for a great humanitarian venture like providing apartments for the vagrants living in tents. I’m sure they both give to charities but obviously not enough going toward the homeless problem.  These billionaires claim to be so smart and rich, show us.  Put your “gray matters” together and come up with a plan.  Our cities have failed us.

Zuckerberg falls into this category too.  He reaps the rewards of working near San Francisco but has not done enough to help the homeless living on the streets there.  He should get together with Bloomberg and Bezo, pool their money, and come up with a great idea for the homeless.  They claim to be so much smarter than Trump.  Prove it.  These liberal towns are out of Trump’s jurisdiction.  He can’t do anything there without causing a riff with the likes of Pelosi, Newsom, and the mayors.

These liberal billionaires need to do it on their own.  Forget the government as they have failed, especially the city government.  Then if it is successful, any one of them could run for president without spending a dime.  Their success in cleaning up the out-of-control homelessness in America will be their presidential calling card.  No better accomplishment than curing the homeless problem, reducing crime, and improving the health of our cities. I’d even consider voting for one of them. But I won’t hold my breath, as I see nothing being done. All I hear is billionaire George Soros throwing money around to effect our elections of liberal prosecutors ruining our cities even more and no one is stopping it; or billionaire Steyer ballyhooing about the climate crisis.

It just disgusts me the money these men have to burn on crap that could really help our beautiful cities across America.  Spend it more wisely and help the homeless!  Cut with the incessant campaign ads.  They won’t win you the presidency.  Show us your wealth by solving a national problem, or don’t you even care? I don’t think they care. 

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