Who Are These Bernie Followers?


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We are all wondering just who are these folks at the Bernie Sanders rallies?  Who are these self-proclaimed Socialists? Where did they come from? Some are just slackers that don’t even know what Socialism means.  We all know or have heard of these types of young people.  They don’t work. They live off their parents or are gaming the system.  Their parents have failed them in some way and now are just enabling them. We’ve seen these types on Dr. Phil–mothers at their wits end threatening to kick them out of their basement or else.

These are families in crisis for nothing more than their own mistakes.  Now they want Bernie to solve their family problems with free this and free that.  Free healthcare, handouts, and maybe even free or subsidized housing for these slackers all under the guise of “climate crisis.”

Most of these slackers smoke pot.  Pot makes youth lazy.  Most of them have had some college but may have dropped out due to their laziness.  Now they don’t even look for a job in a booming economy as they think they’re too good for the positions that they’re qualified for.  No fry flipping for them.  But they love to go to a Bernie rally holding signs of protest of Trump for some odd reason.  They want to feel like they are part of a revolution. Trump is not their problem.  They are their problem.  Their parents were too permissive and never said “no.”  Their parents would rather be friends to their children than parents. That is a recipe for disaster. We all know of at least one family going through this crisis, and it’s usually in prosperous areas–nothing to do with poverty.

These families would rather take away YOUR employer-provided healthcare plan and give you “medicare for all” just to help THEIR slacker children. They will vote for Bernie as they cut off their nose despite their face. Now I’m sure there are some other followers of Bernie that don’t know what Socialism means or don’t think Bernie is being serious about turning America socialist, and these followers could be compiled into “the gullibles” category.  They are infatuated with Bernie’s dry wit, hate for Trump, AOC, climate crisis, or his Jewish faith.

And the rest would have voted for Biden but didn’t like the Hunter stories coming out nor Biden’s dementia so defaulted to Bernie.  These are default voters.  Trust me, I know of one of these voters. They have to vote Democrat for some odd reason and Bernie is the least of all losers in their mind.  They think he’s a nice man who has the chops to beat Trump. I shrug and think Ugh!

Some of the Bernie followers are cult-like and violent. They are cult followers. We’ve seen evidence of that at rallies and on hidden cameras.  Whatever category these Bernie followers fall into, the slackers and cult followers will not be happy when Bloomberg steals the nomination.  These followers hate billionaires and will protest vehemently in the streets.  Be prepared for that “revolution” as Bernie calls it. Even the Democrats in power fear the Bernie backlash but are willing to take the risk.

As it stands now the Democrats in power are looking for a candidate that will do their party the least harm when he/she loses to Trump.  They don’t want a woman, as losing two times in a row with a woman candidate will ruin future chances to break that elusive glass ceiling.  They don’t want Buttigieg as it will label Americans as homophobic when they lose.  They don’t want Bernie as it will tarnish Democrats as socialists for all future elections. And that leaves Bloomberg holding the “old maid card”.  No one will care if a billionaire loses to Trump.  It won’t harm the Democrat party.  They’ll just say he used to be a Republican. 

And that’s who attends the Bernie rallies.  It’s mixed nuts.

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2 thoughts on “Who Are These Bernie Followers?

  1. > Some of the Bernie followers are cult-like and violent. They are cult followers.

    Says a member of the Cult of Trump. lol.

    I miss my old Republican party, back before it was eaten by Trumpets.


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