Testing Kits Are Not The Problem!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Anyone who has a fever and feels like they have contracted the coronavirus will be tested.  They need to call the ER or their doctor and ask for advice on where to be tested, what their symptoms are etc.  They shouldn’t walk into the ER or their doctor’s office as they could infect others.  They should remain calm and wait for directions from a health provider.

Typically local laboratories will have the kits and your doctor will send you there.  Keep in mind, if you don’t have it, you are risking exposure from someone that does while sitting in the waiting room.  After you get tested, it will be sent out and results will take some time.  Be patient.  If you have a cold, you don’t need to be tested. If you have the stomach flu, you don’t need to be tested.  We have to know our own bodies and not put the medical providers through unnecessary testing.  Be considerate of others.

The United States is handling this epidemic better than all the other countries.  We have less cases and less deaths.  Some are saying that South Korea has more testing kits than we do.  Maybe, but they don’t meet our FDA standards and we had to come up with our own test.  Trump’s idea to temporarily stop European flights into the U.S. was bold and courageous and could save many lives.  We will allow Americans to return to the U.S. if they so choose. It will have an economic impact for sure but only temporary.

The NBA deciding to cancel basketball games for two weeks also seems prudent.  Companies and businesses should error on the side of precaution.  Families should postpone gatherings for now.  No sense infecting your seniors unnecessarily from someone younger that may not be showing symptoms. Events all across the nation are being cancelled out of fear of contagion.  The sooner we contain this nasty virus the better. And be considerate when shopping for supplies.  Be rational when buying toilet paper, disinfectant, and wet wipes.  Leave some for the next shopper.

Tom Hanks and his wife who have contracted the virus are in Australia.  This country has socialism medicine.  The fact that they got it reveals how serious it is and maybe some of those in Hollywood will shut up now that one of their own got it. Same for the basketball stars. The entertainment industry will be hit hard as well as the travel industry.

This lack of testing kits claim is just another red herring that the Democrats are ballyhooing about to hurt Trump.  Ignore them and use your common sense. The media won’t give credit to Trump for the way he is handling it. Pelosi is babbling about getting lunches to children if their schools are closed.  What a nut!  If they aren’t in school they go home and their parents feed them. That’s on the parents not the government.

Everyone does not need to be tested like Nancy is claiming.  Waste of time and money. Avoid crowds, keep your distance, cancel flights, eat from home, wash your hands frequently, and stay well.  All this will soon pass leaving more egg on the Democrats’ faces. They are such partisans.


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