Joe’s Indecent Proposals.

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Joe wants to bring decency and the soul of America back?  It hasn’t left; and since when has Joe been decent? When he swims in the nude in front of female secret service? That’s indecent.  When he sniffs the hair of young girls and women and whispers in their ear inappropriate comments?  That’s indecent.   When he threatens U.S. Aid to Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor on the Burisma Case where his son works?  That’s indecent. When he says he wants to take Trump out behind the gym and fight him? That’s an indecent proposal. When he’s caught on a hot mic saying f–king at a televised press meeting? Sooo decent.  When he verbally assaults potential voters with names like: fat, dog-faced pony soldier, goddamned liar, horse’s ass, too old to vote, full of shit, or when he challenges them to push ups? That’s an indecent proposal.

Point is, the man is a foul-mouthed hair-trigger ready to explode on anyone that disagrees with him. That’s not how Trump acts.  Trump doesn’t lose his temper and go off on strangers like Biden, yet Biden thinks the soul of the country needs restoring? I think his soul and mind need restoring.  He’s a big hypocrite like the rest of the Democrats.

His nickname should be Dirty Joe not Sleepy Joe. He’s been playing dirty politics his entire adult life and has his mind in the gutter.  And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to his son Hunter. He and Hunter are dripping in corruption like Hillary.  Biden will run as Hillary 2.0–shielded from prosecution due to his candidacy.  Trump will have to expose all their past criminal dealings during this campaign, and it will get ugly. The media is jumping on the Biden bandwagon like he’s a newborn fawn and will malign anyone that tries to disparage poor old Joe like they did for Hillary. Trump has his work cut out for him.

This coronavirus fear isn’t helping any.  The sooner this goes away the better. It’s not Trump’s fault, but Biden will claim that he could have handled it better.  Biden’s handlers will try to keep him out of the limelight as much as possible for fear of another outburst of temper or more senile stammering. They’ll use the coronavirus as their excuse.  I’ve never seen such an angry candidate for president.  Maybe he should pick Kamala Harris as his running mate as they have similar personalities. He’s already promised Obama’s cabinet and the Deep State to come to work under him.  It will be a corrupt Obama Administration all over again, and we can’t have that.

Spread the word that Biden isn’t the soft spoken, genteel man the press tries to portray. He’s just the opposite.  He’s foul mouthed, Dirty Joe.  He always votes on the wrong side of history on topics like war, criminal justice, and trade bills.  He promises socialist plans just like Bernie such as open borders, no ICE, sanctuary cities, healthcare for illegals, punishing wall street, reversing the tax cuts, more Obamacare, more climate change accords, more Iran nuclear deals, free college, and other freebies we can’t afford. These are not business, job, or economy-friendly ideas. He also promises to get rid of the fossil fuel industry and some guns. Goodbye cars.

Biden wants a sit-down debate with Bernie next week as he’s tired. The less he talks, the better.  The more he sits, the longer he can last. The moderators will give him fawning, softball questions and direct all the tough ones to Bernie. It will be another Trump bashfest, as they don’t have the balls to go after each other. The fix is in for Biden though as evidenced by the sudden 180 the fake news has made when referring to Joe.  A week ago he was a “dead man walking” according to them.

He plagiarizes, lies, and sells his name to the highest bidder. If he became president, he would have a private email set up for his dealings on the side like Obama did as well as a secret cell phone to call his cohorts. He’s a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry and just as corrupt as Hillary. He also promised to put Obama on the Supreme Court!  That would be the end of civilization as we know it for real.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg about Biden.  If the DOJ can’t indict him beforehand, we will at the ballot box like we did Hillary.

Wake up America!  Don’t be stupid! Don’t fall for Biden!



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