Schumer Takes Credit For Trump’s National Emergency!


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When will Nancy and Schumer get it?  When they aren’t blaming Trump for the coronavirus, they’re taking credit for anything he has done to prevent it.  “That was our idea!” they claim when Trump announces a National Emergency.  It sounds very similar to “I did that” Joe.  These Democrats are so envious of Trump’s handling the country they can’t see straight.  They were wishing for a pandemic (which I think is overkill) to tank the stock market.  It’s a virus that kills older people with underlying conditions or younger folks that have a condition. PERIOD.  It’s a virus that is easily spread but rarely deadly.

Let’s recap shall we?  The Democrats have been looking for a reason to take Trump out since he first came down the escalator.  This is just their latest attempt.  It all started with the suspiciously timed release of a recording by NBC of a private conversation which they held for months during the campaign.  I won’t repeat it.  But Billy Bush is JEB’s cousin.  No coincidence.  Remember JEB repeatedly said during the debates, “You’ll never be president.  You’d be a chaos president.”  What did he know that we didn’t know?  He knew about the tape that was being held by NBC. From that day on JEB and his “never trumpers” ( RIP McCain, Romney, Flake, Kasich) have been giving Trump chaos.

Then there was Stormy Daniels who came out of the woodwork together with Cohen and Avenatti, and we all know how that turned out.  That was supposed to be the end of Trump’s presidency.

Then after Trump fired Comey all hell broke loose whereby Comey leaked memos to the press which spurred a Special Counsel being appointed to look into Russia Collusion. What??  Trump colluded with Russia?  How so?  Oh, must have been that off-the-cuff joke made at a rally about Russia finding Hillary’s missing emails which she had already deleted and bleach bit her hard drive.  Grasping at straws much, Mueller?

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While this investigation was going on Trump nominated Kavanaugh.  Then all the bleep hit the fan again.  More chaos.  Kavanaugh was accused of everything back in high school and college from being a blackout drunk, a rapist, punch spiker, to a gang rapist.  It was outrageous.  But the Dems were desperate to keep a conservative off the bench. Lindsey Graham put them all in their place including Booker, Harris, and Klobuchar. All three unfit for president.

The Mueller Probe was a big stretch, but they had been spying on the Trump campaign, passing around a fake dossier, and thought they could tarnish Trump with something, anything.  After three years, several innocent witnesses arrested, and 33 million dollars later, the investigation came up with nothing.  It was all a smokescreen to scare voters into voting Democrat, taking over the House.

But that wasn’t enough.  They still wanted Trump out. They were wounded and dangerous which was the impetus for the leaked phone call with Ukraine by Vindman and the parade of scholars that testified against Trump and the eventual Impeachment by the House!  But not in the Senate much to their chagrin.

So that left the Dems looking vindictive and hated by most of America.  Now we are up to present with a virus which they are trying to blame on Trump.  Trump has done everything possible to keep the number of victims down to 50.  No one wants people to die.  But careless healthcare workers and those coming home from overseas have led to the spread of this virus.  Now we are in containment mode whereby folks should stay home and not visit with family or friends.  Schools closed and many companies too.

But the Dems trying to take credit for Trump’s handling of the virus so far, is rich.  When they aren’t blaming Trump, they’re taking credit away from Trump.  Like they all did with Trump’s economy including Obama.  And Slow Joe giving a speech on how to handle the virus with suggestions that Trump has already done is also rich.  The guy has been on the wrong side of history his whole life.  Who would ever listen to him? He has no business running for president or for any position for that matter.  He skated through the VP position while lining his son’s pockets.  He wouldn’t be able to run a city let alone the country.  He doesn’t hold a candle to Trump. He’s just green with envy of him.

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When this coronavirus suddenly comes to a halt and Schumer takes credit for that, the media will shut up. Then the Dems will just invent their next chaos like JEB predicted. Notice we haven’t seen JEB in three years? That’s no coincidence. JEB is also green with envy on how Trump has done everything JEB wished to do but wouldn’t have been courageous enough to do.  Thus, all the chaotic hoaxes, scares, and shams (spaghetti) thrown at the wall hoping something, anything will stick.  But Trump is always two steps ahead of their shams. Why? Because he’s smarter than them.

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One thought on “Schumer Takes Credit For Trump’s National Emergency!

  1. You have to give the Democrats credit for one thing. They are never embarrassed about their failures, which are about 99% of the time, they just keep getting up and coming back for more. The key here is that getting caught in lies is not nearly as devastating as being accused of lying while telling the truth, which is highly unlikely for Democrats.


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