What to Expect in Tonight’s Debate.


black and white people bar men
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It will be a battle of who’s tough enough to take on Trump.  Not who’s better to run our country; just who’s mean and strong enough to go up against Trump, i.e. who can beat him?

Besides these two old White guys without an audience to cheer on their big egos will be too chicken to take on each other for fear of what will come out. After all, they’ve been senators together and know where all the bodies are buried.  It will be the “man behind the curtain” vs. the “cowardly lion” from Wizard of Oz.  One talks loud and tough and the other cowers in fear when challenged; and for the life of me, I can’t say which is which.

Biden’s real tough when he’s surrounded by his so-called supporters; but when on stage with Bernie, he won’t have a go at him or tell him step outside.  He’ll focus on Trump.  Same with Bernie.  Bernie never tries to take out another Democrat. So tonight will just be another Trump-bashfest.

They will spread more fear of the coronavirus and how Trump has mishandled it from the get go, which isn’t true.  But it’s all they’ve got.  Without Trump, they’ve got nothing to talk about.  Biden can’t run on past accomplishments as he has none.  Neither can Bernie. So essentially, we’ll be watching two old white-haired men slinging insults at Trump such as incompetent, this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, most corrupt administration in history, Putin’s puppet, and decency and the soul of America will be on the ballot. And since the debate will appear on fake news CNN all the questions will be loaded with misinformation prompting them to bash Trump.

We’ve seen it before on MSNBC.   Rachel Maddow started her line of questions with, “Now that the ambassador has testified that Trump had a quid pro quo with Ukraine, will you encourage your fellow senators to impeach?” Such a nasty question and so debatable.

Here’s a taste of what we might hear tonight:  When Trump minimized the threat of the coronavirus by calling it a hoax, how did it make you feel?  What would you have done differently to save lives in the U.S.?  How will we get government-provided lunches to the millions of children kept home from school!?  Do you think Trump is asking the CDC to hide the total numbers of infected and deaths in the U.S.?  Who would you have appointed to head the crisis rather than unqualified VP Pence? Will the stock market keep crashing and are we heading for a recession?  Do you think Trump should have used a testkit on himself rather than on someone showing symptoms? 

There will be no questions asked about how a “medicare for all” would look during this crisis.  No questions about their plans to increase taxes on companies already suffering losses from this crisis.  No questions about their plans for open borders allowing more illegals into our country overburdening our health facilities.  No questions on Obama’s poor economy and job market that Biden was part of.  No questions on late term abortions which they both approve of.  No questions on Biden’s dealings with Ukraine or Bernie’s praising Castro.  No questions on Trump’s successes with ISIS, USMCA, and job market prior to the coronavirus outbreak. And absolutely no questions on Biden’s failing health. Some subjects are just taboo.

These moderators will go after any negative issue they can conjure up on Trump. Both the candidates will try to prove who is “the one” who can take on Trump.  And if Bernie says “Trump is a pathological liar and the most dangerous president in history” one more time, he needs to be tested for tourette syndrome. Bernie has no answers to questions other than this pat answer to any question.  He’s a BS artist; not qualified to run for president.

Biden is suffering from senility and needs to be treated in the privacy of his home.  The fact that the Democrats are pushing him on us is elder abuse and malpractice. But they have a devious plan to have Biden’s VP takeover at some point.  But I doubt if he’ll stand a chance on stage during a two hour debate against Trump.  Trump will eat his lunch like Bloomberg said.

So remember when watching tonight’s debate that it’s nothing more than them trying to prove to the voters which one has the “secret sauce” to beat Trump. Not what they’ll do for America.  Not what they’ll do for climate change, mass shootings, homelessness, or infrastructure.  It’s all about who is better at taking on Trump.  So far the voters think Biden is. I think Biden has a short shelf life and will implode one of these days.


The candidates ended up standing at podiums after all.  I guess they got word it would look wimpy if they sat. The two old men did have a go at each other, much to my surprise.  Bernie was scratching his head at one point as he couldn’t believe all the lies Biden was spewing about his own record, and he didn’t have Candy Korlic there with a fact memo to help him.  Biden acted arrogant and above some of the questions.  But when asked if he’d deport an illegal if they broke the law, he frankly said, “No.” Probably wouldn’t even keep him in jail.  He compared the Mexicans crossing our border illegally to Irish who migrated here legally.

Bernie just kept talking about how people will pay for their healthcare if they get coronavirus.  That is a non issue as the government will step in.  He is not up to speed. But he did repeat his pat line that Trump is a pathological liar etc. etc. 

Trump won the debate as these two men looked not ready for prime time.  Biden thought he’d garner some votes by claiming he’d pick a female VP.  Big whoop!  We already knew that. Bernie can’t find one woman progressive or old enough to choose. AOC is too young.

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