NY Governor Cuomo Doesn’t Understand the Federal Guidelines.


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The Federal Government cannot put restrictions on each and every state.  That’s up to governors.  That’s why we have governors.  The Federal Government has been very clear from the beginning of this outbreak on guidelines of what not to do and what to do.  How much clearer do they need to be?  I read them loud and clear:  avoid crowds, eat from home, avoid flights, avoid public transportation, wash hands upon entering your home.  It’s really pretty simple common sense stuff, but apparently Gov. Cuomo doesn’t get it.  He needs the Federal Government to come into his city and take over. He wants national restrictions.  He’s asking for the National Guard.

CA Gov. Newsom gets it.  It’s a little hard to enforce, but at least he gets it. And I’m no fan of Newsom.  Stay home if you’re over the age of 65.  PERIOD.  Cook, drink wine, and be merry in your home. You should have already gotten enough food (no hoarding) weeks ago.  There’s some things you can go without.  And he’s closing all bars, wine tasting (which is unnecessary), and clubs.  He’s asking restaurants to cut patrons to half. These are common sense suggestions which the restaurants should have already taken into consideration.  We’re not a nanny country.  We don’t need government to tell us what to do at all times.  Sometimes we have to use good judgment, make smart choices, be considerate, and try to be flexible. Sometimes our judgment is not up to par, and that’s when the government steps in.

Every state is different.  What’s good for San Francisco may not be good for Twin Falls, Idaho.  For the Federal Government to put the same restrictions on every state would be inadvisable, but that’s what Cuomo wants.  Leave it up to the governors, please.  And Cuomo please stop your press conferences.  You’re not running for president.  If he can’t figure out what to do in his state, he should keep it to himself.  We don’t need to hear from him daily. He actually said, “We are in chaos.”  Speak for yourself, Cuomo.  JEB likes that word too.  Coincidence.  I don’t think so.  They crave chaos.

Also hospitals don’t have a shortage of beds yet.  Why set up emergency tents with beds until they do?  That would be wasteful.  FEMA is ready for any outbreak that one city cannot handle.  That’s what they do.  No need to call them in beforehand.  That would be selfish and a waste of valuable personnel and money. This is another of Cuomo’s brainstorms.  He seriously needs to shut up as he’s just spreading fear and disinformation.  Maybe that’s his intent.  Spread fear and crash the market even more.  And why do we need to televise him?  We don’t.  He should just be on NY channels.

Trump has done so much good for our country.  For the left to hang this China virus around his neck is not only unfair but cruel.  But that’s what the left are–cruel.  They will look for anything to bring him down in November.  Let’s stand by our president and show him it’s not his fault.  Let’s nip this contagious virus in the bud by following the guidelines set in place weeks ago.  68 deaths is not a pandemic really in 2-1/2 months nor are 3,800 cases out of 300 million population, but the media will hype it as one. A pandemic would be 138,000 cases with 6,000 deaths, IMO. This is not 9-11, our last real crisis.

And to the idiot who posted a picture of a crowded airport labeling it “Government incompetence:” or something to that effect, maybe you were being selfish by traveling overseas against the guidelines during an epidemic.  Guidelines said “avoid long flights.” Duh!  You didn’t need to return. It was optional. Continue on your stupid vacation and return when it’s over.  For everyone to return at once was not smart.  Just stay in Europe if you think our government isn’t handling the epidemic properly.  We won’t miss you.  See how long you’ll last with socialized medicine.

One thought on “NY Governor Cuomo Doesn’t Understand the Federal Guidelines.

  1. It may not be a pandemic, but it’s an idiot apocalypse for sure. Hording toilet paper??? That’s a sure sign of derangement of some sort. Did that ever cross your mind that you would need a room full of toilet paper for a respiratory illness. It never crossed my mind. Just sayin’.

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