Where is Lyin’ Biden Hidin’?


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Where’s “I did that” Joe?  Where’s the Democrat candidate who’s won the most states so far?  Where’s the guy who says he’d be able to handle the coronavirus better than Trump? Where’s the guy who’ll beat Trump like a drum? Where are they hiding him?

For the last few weeks all we’ve seen is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acting very presidential at press conferences speaking passionately and intelligently, neither of which Biden can do.  He’s a stark contrast to Biden.  I think Cuomo is vying for the Democrat primary candidate as the rest of the candidates could not do what he does daily.  None of them have personalities or senses of humor like Cuomo. None of them can speak from the heart and off the cuff like Cuomo. I don’t really know the history of Cuomo, but he looks like a viable candidate for their top ticket.

When Biden’s not lying about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, he’s in hiding. I hear Joe’s going to make a statement today via video.  I’m all ears waiting with bated breath.  A little late to the party, Joe.  Where have you been for two weeks? Everything that could be said has already been said.  Your eleventh hour speech will do nothing for us. Save your strength for the convention. You’re gonna need it.

I can see a brokered convention coming.  The election has taken the backseat to the war on the coronavirus crisis and the two candidates remaining (Biden and Bernie) are not getting any airtime.  If they do get airtime, all they do is repeat their same old insults on Trump. They have no plans, ideas, or a doctrine that makes economic sense. Perfect time to slip in someone else like Andrew Cuomo. Any Democrat with a brain knows that Biden can’t stand on a stage next to Trump during a debate.  It would be unfair and cruel.  But if Cuomo stood up next to Trump, now we’ve got ourselves a presidential debate.  Not that I want Trump to lose but at least give him a challenge from someone relevant.

And why wouldn’t the Democrats want a true Progressive to run against Trump?  One that has years of political experience, is a seasoned speaker, and has common sense.  One who is age appropriate. Cuomo may not have a conservative doctrine like Trump has, but better than Biden I’m sure.  The Democrats should take a long look at Cuomo and consider him to replace Biden.  Biden is not up for the challenge.  He has serious mental issues and his wife is hiding it. Someone needs to talk to her.

Our country is going through unprecedented times. We’ll have massive layoffs soon and huge jump in unemployment checks going out.  This is all the result of the virus not our economy.  If everyone is patient and follows the shelter in place orders, the virus will starve and companies can reopen for business as usual.  Patience is a virtue which we are all beginning to lose, but we must persevere. We are in a battle like we’ve never had before and during an election year.  The perfect storm.

Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak very presidentially too.  But it’s taking a toll on him, no doubt.  He didn’t deserve this outbreak.  He has spent three years defending himself against hoaxes contrived by the Democrats all the while running our country successfully and now this?  Out of the blue.  Blindsided.  No good deed goes unpunished?  Really?  And astonishingly, the damn coronavirus was creeping on our shores right when poor Trump was up for impeachment. Talk about a distraction!  This has all the components for a government conspiracy novel but a literary agent would pass on it saying “it’s too contrived and unimaginable.”  Yeah, no one would believe it. But it happened.

Trump’s daily press conferences have been informative and reassuring to Americans.  Some of the reporters ask snarky, unnecessary, repetitive questions making us want to slap them down; but that notwithstanding, Trump is keeping his cool.

Wherever lyin’ Biden is hidin’ makes no difference as he’s irrelevant during this war on the invisible enemy. And Mike Pence is as cool as a cucumber and very presidential.  Look out 2024.

Being Patient = Less Patients = Back to Work Soon.


2 thoughts on “Where is Lyin’ Biden Hidin’?

  1. Yep, you’re right again. If there is any question about Joe’s mental state, it is clearly answered when you watch his victory speech he did from his home. It was clear they put him at the podium and told him what to say. Unfortunately it didn’t include exit instructions. They had to come to the podium and lead him back to his room.

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