Cuomo is Spreading Fear Now.

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Cuomo says what is happening in New York City will spread to your city in two weeks, three weeks, four or more.  That’s plain old fear mongering.  He is wrong.  Other cities have been on lockdown and many followed the rules a little better and much sooner than New Yorkers have.  When New Yorkers were riding the subway and kibitzing about it (Dana Perino), we were holed up in our homes on the West Coast. It’s no wonder they have an epidemic there.  They didn’t take it seriously.  Most recently they’ve been playing in the parks while Idahoans were working on their computers in a small home office.  He can’t compare apples to oranges. But he is.  I thought he had common sense, but he doesn’t any longer.  He’s a typical Democrat that lies. He’s lost my respect.

He’s also trying to steal Trump’s narrative of putting folks back to work in a week.  It’s not his idea, it’s Trump’s.  Trump said “the cure can’t be worse than the problem.”  In a few weeks it will be, that’s why we have to restart the economy engine. Trump said “we can do two things at once:  protect ourselves and open up companies.”  Cuomo cannot steal Trump’s plan.  Cuomo also said we can do two things at once.  Cuomo wants all “negative tested” people to go back to work. The number of tested people is so small compared to non tested people, it wouldn’t help companies.  Trump wants all young people without underlying conditions to go back to work and keep their distance and deploy sanitary habits.  Just because you test negative doesn’t mean you won’t get it later.  Dumb idea Cuomo.

He is claiming Trump is implying human lives are dispensable.  Complete lie.  Trump has never implied that nor said it.  It’s actually some in Hollywood that have said that. He predicts Trump’s plan will be clumsy, careless, and heartless.  What does he know?  Nothing.  Trump has not even implemented it yet. Cuomo seems to be a better clairvoyant than a listener.  He doesn’t comprehend that well, as I’ve noticed before.  He needs to listen more and talk less. Open up your listening ears, as Judge Judy used to say. (Not a big fan of hers any longer since she endorsed Bloomberg.  Thought she had better sense. Go figure.)

I think in six days the cases and death rate will come down; and if not in certain areas, we will keep the lockdown in those specific areas.  That’s common sense: containing the virus to one area. It’s the Democrats holding back the economy right now.  The Democrats won’t agree on a stimulus plan because they want to pack it with a bunch of foolish “green new deal” nonsense.  It’s the Democrats hurting the working people at this point. God is testing us right now.  He wants to know if we can come together. Don’t flunk the test, Dems.

Cuomo is basically speaking for his mother who is probably on lockdown in her home. He needs to separate his personal feelings for his mother from his dialog.  His mother won’t be going to work.  It’s a false narrative that he is defending.

Wake up Democrat Politicians and stop being selfish, political, insensitive, and uncaring. Get a bill signed that will help the workers who are out of work.  Stop playing politics! And Cuomo needs to stop spreading fear and go home and relax.  He’s making the problem worse with his rants, lies, and speculations. Go home Cuomo.  You’ll get your ventilators!  They’re being manufactured as you rant.


One thought on “Cuomo is Spreading Fear Now.

  1. I know an Italian lady from New York, she drives me crazy when she talks. Her words and her voice make everything, even simple stuff sound like a disaster, it’s awful, it’s going to kill us all. I think it’s just the culture and the way they communicate. But I can’t listen to here very long before I have to excuse myself and move on. Everything is a whine. I have other Italian friends in Seattle and they don’t talk that way at all. Maybe it’s a New York thing.


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