The Cure vs. Health of our Country. Physical Health vs. Mental Health.


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This is the big dilemma right now.  Should we continue to shut down the country to starve the virus or allow some of our younger folks to return to the workplace in certain businesses?  So far the shutting down hasn’t really worked that well.  Some of the new cases have not followed the guidelines, obviously. They’ve continued have get togethers, babysit grandchildren, shake hands, gone to bars, gone to movies, shopped without precautions, used public transportation, gone to crowded beaches, etc, and now we are paying the price for those that were irresponsible.

As a senior that is highly responsible for myself, I’d rather see the country flourishing with a strong economy than everyone sitting home in the off chance that a senior citizen like myself may catch the virus.  We are the responsible generation. We are the baby boomers.  We survived the polio disease, the “love generation,” and the Vietnam War.  I think we can avoid being sneezed on or touching a contaminated surface.  Give us some credit.  Why would we want to see our country and children suffering and grandkids too all cooped up in their homes in their bathrobes?  We can’t stand it.  It has us mentally stressed.

Who are all these people getting the virus?  Where have they been and who have they been around?  Didn’t they get the message to isolate themself?  If they had, they should be alive.  I know it’s highly contagious but those that have gotten it have either continued to go to work, take cruises, flights, subways, elevators, shopping, babysitting, visiting family, and other inadvisable activities. Don’t be a “close talker” like in Seinfeld.

So once the stay in place is over, let some of the young, healthy folk get back to work already.  If they happen to get the virus, we have some medicines that seem to be helping with the cure.  If they continue to follow the guidelines while at work like social distancing, they probably won’t get it.  But if they stay home for weeks on end feeling worthless that will damage their mental health, psyche, and confidence. I can already see their affect changing after two weeks of this isolation.

I know grandparents who are crying from this shutdown because their grown children got laid off.  That alone will affect their health more than some droplet floating in the air.  Seniors are very capable to wear the masks and rubber gloves when going out and washing when home again. We got the message three weeks ago when we first heard of China’s outbreak and Americans coming home to our hospitals.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there will be breaches in containment. We’re not shy or embarrassed. We’ll be careful.  Don’t ruin a generation of hardworking young folks for the sake of us.  We can handle it.

I think the young folks should serve their country and get back to work.  We send young men to war don’t we?  This is just a different kind of war. A war to save our country from going under.  It will be a skeleton crew at best but at least it will bring back the strength of the nation. Nothing worse than a damaged soul of our nation and people.  People want to work, love to work;  let them work. Of course, some areas are hotbeds for this virus and that would have to be determined. Maybe allow certain cities to reopen for business and others have to wait.  Restaurants will have to redesign their seating until complete eradication.  Tables at least six feet apart and no bar seating.  Maybe no waiters until the virus is completely gone.  Just a means to order via a table computer then walk up and pick it up when ready.  We are a very creative country.  Let’s use some of that technology.

This shutting down the country for one man’s mother, who is probably a shut in anyway, is getting ridiculous.  Let’s get real.  We love our seniors but they aren’t babies.  Some survived the depression and three wars. They can take care of themselves unless they are in a rest home.  Rest homes have their own challenges with cleanliness before this virus epidemic.

And to able-bodied seniors, help your country by not wandering around in shopping malls ordering coffee up close to others.  Follow the goddamn guidelines or you will be the next victim.  Show America that we aren’t a careless, helpless, clueless, irresponsible generation.  Wait for this virus to be contained and eradicated before you venture out and about again.  It’s because of our vulnerability that the country is shut down.  We have to be smart and not rely on others to care for us.  Save your card club, coffee klatches, or lunch with the ladies for another time.  Stay home to save America.  We are at war.  The country needs you to follow the guidelines.

I’m a tough love kinda gal.  Similar to Trump’s approach.  Must be my construction background. We aren’t snowflake seniors.

Pray for America’s Health and The World’s Too!


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