Are the Cuomo Bros Double-Teaming Against Trump?


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I, for one, am getting tired of seeing Governor Cuomo appear daily with his morning “opinions,” not facts, on everything from how WE feel, his mother feels, to what the empty streets of Manhattan feel like.  We get it.  He’s planning on replacing Biden with the help of his CNN brother, both picking on Trump: Andrew with his veiled insults and his brother with outright CNN Fake News lies.

Andrew got caught in a lie.  He said he had no ventilators but there were thousands in storage recently delivered so then he backpedaled and said he didn’t need them yet. He is not on top of his game so he double-talked or BS’d which Bernie and Warren were infamous for. Obviously, running for president and trying to run your state have some conflicting narratives.  One day he praises; then the next, he whines.  He’s giving me whiplash. We see through you, Andrew.  It’s clear you won’t give credit where credit is due, but you sure won’t hesitate to criticize when it’s not due. In fact, you’re looking for failure each day so you can point it out and you have the media’s adoring attention.

Who does Cuomo think he is, president?  He talks to us like we’re third graders.  He’d make a good third grade teacher but that’s the extent of it–not qualified enough to run our country.  Look what he’s done to New York:  He allowed the hospitals to be unprepared for the next 9-11.  He allowed DeBlasio to let thugs attack the police without any arrests.  He allowed violent prisoners to be released out of prison during this epidemic.  He allowed New York City to become a sanctuary city defying ICE. He allowed billions of taxpayer dollars to be wasted on failed green companies much like Obama did.  It’s dereliction of duty.  If he thinks these are qualifications to run for president, have at it.  Trump will be sure to bring this up. Cuomo may be a better speaker than Biden, but at this point a homeless guy could speak better than Biden.

Trump’s business and construction background are really paying off right now.  He knows how to get around government regulations “red tape” to speed things up. He knows how to use the Art of the Deal to get companies on board and help produce the needed supplies, foregoing their usual profits–except for GM who is loyal to Obama. He had the intuition to foresee that the medicine called hydroxychloroquine together with Zpack would be successful in curing the coronavirus despite the media and Democrats’ outrage. Again, they have egg on their faces as it is proving to be true. He also knows how to shut down a reporter who got cute with him during a presser.  Trump said, “Don’t be a cutie pie.”  Love it. Trust in Trump, he knows stuff.

So we’ll continue to hear this governor give his morning chats each day trying to get the Democrats to rally around him as the “voice of the Democrat party”, not Biden. And behind the scenes, we’ll continue to hear from Obama and Hillary et al going after Trump in their own way with snide remarks of disapproval of Trump’s handling of the crisis.

There is no election right now.  It has been put on the back burner.  In the meantime, the Democrats are using this lull in election news to rally around their replacement candidate.  Hillary wanted it to be herself, as usual, as she posted a horrible tweet saying Trump wanted America First.  We are First in coronavirus cases.  She’s sick.  She left out that we lag behind in deaths.  She’s really sick.

It’s the Democrat mantra:  Never let a crisis go to waste. The coronavirus is the crisis the double-teaming brothers are using to go against Trump and ultimately replace Biden; in case The People haven’t figured it out yet.




2 thoughts on “Are the Cuomo Bros Double-Teaming Against Trump?

  1. Yep, I think you’re dead on the money. I think the Dems are in a panic after watching ” way over the hill Joe” performing on TV in the past couple of weeks. Pretty sure they have their eyes on Cuomo. How are they going to pull it off? We’re talking about Democrats here, they never met an election they couldn’t rig. It’s going to be interesting. What a slap in the face to all of those folks that participated in the Democrat Primary. They should stop calling it a primary and call it what it is, a popularity contest, held weekly until the election.


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