Is God Testing All of Us?


christ the redeemer
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Is He tired of years of terrorism, atheism, wars, corruption, Godlessness, and divisiveness amongst Americans and across the globe?  Are we at a tipping point? What our country has been getting away with for years and escalating lately with no repercussions maybe has inspired a worldwide wake up call for us all to just get along He does work in mysterious ways, and this virus is about as mysterious as one can imagine.

It has hit just about every country in the world and every state in our nation. It has hit every age group, nationality, and gender.  It has hit the rich and the poor. It has hit the good and the bad.  It has hit the powerful and the powerless. And it doesn’t care what political party or religion you are with. It is an equal opportunity virus.  We have no idea when it will stop, but it sure has changed the way we live.

With all the divisiveness we are still experiencing among Democrats and Republicans, I’m surprised they didn’t get the wake up call to all come together and get along for the sake of the country.  Not everything Trump says in a tweet or in public is cause for alarm and ridicule.  Trump is saying the same as others have said or suggested; but when he says it, the media goes bonkers.  “When all else fails, blame Trump”, is getting tiresome. Trump has remained calm under pressure and has been spot on in his daily briefings, taking questions from biased reporters without losing his cool.

First the left tried to spy on him and it all started at the top–Obama.  Then they set him up for some stupid Russian Collusion sham.  They then claimed he was colluding with Ukraine to take out Biden.  All lies.  Now they can’t seem to get onboard that he is doing a good job on preventing the coronavirus from spreading across the nation–much better than his predecessors did for the Swine Flu.

When will the Democrats like Pelosi and Hillary wake up?  When will Hollywood like Alec Baldwin wake up?  When will the media like MSNBC and New York Times wake up? This is the Wake Up Call.  It’s now.  They need to stop ignoring it and wake up and smell the coffee or we’ll be in for a long haul of virus spreading.  God wants us to change. He’s sending us a message, “Snap out of it!”  We need to start being appreciative rather than critical.  Start being kind to others rather than cruel.  Start reporting the truth rather than lies. Start wishing for success rather than failure of our country.  Start being nonpartisan rather than partisan.  They need to start thinking positive rather than negative.  The country will be a better place to live in if they did.  The world will be a better place to live in if they did.

If God is testing us, some of us are failing.  Here’s who’s passing the test: volunteers, the military, national guard, healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, firemen, police, first responders, grocery stores, pharmacies, food delivery services, companies who have foregone profits to help with production of supplies, hospitals, cooperative citizens, the Trump Administration, and those who are following the shelter in place and social distancing guidelines.  Here’s who’s failing the test: Democrats in power that are criticizing, the mainstream media, those ignoring the shelter in place and the social distancing, critical citizens, candidates running for president, and disorderly youth defying food sanitation.

The Democrats, who added crap into an emergency bill to help the workers across America, should be ashamed of themselves. How do they look themselves in the mirror each night?  Do they even have consciences?  The mainstream media that is reporting outright lies and criticizing during this crisis should be ashamed of themselves. Past and present candidates for president that are criticizing Trump need to shut the hell up.  And the sick individuals who are coughing on produce, licking toilet seats and food in stores all for a Youtube video should be arrested.

It’s times like this that brings the best out of people.  The ones failing the test need to take a long look at themselves and change.  God may be testing us, and they are failing the test.  They need to change their ways for the sake of the health of the nation.

Pray for “Unity and Change” to Stop the Coronavirus.  



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