A Little Levity for Your Day.

Twisted Tune: You Gotta Wash Your Hands! ( bobrivers.com/you-gotta-wash-your-hands )…

Heard this parody this morning and wanted to share it.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face if you are of baby boomer age or at least a memory of the first time this song was released–maybe when you were in high school, college, or even grade school.  Maybe when you had a crush on Paul McCartney or George Harrison.  Maybe when you had your first kiss or dance with the opposite sex.  Maybe when your dad finally bought you that transistor radio you had been begging him for.  Maybe when you purchased the 45 vinyl of the song with your 50 cents/hour babysitting money at the local five and dime store.

My memory is of my bedroom in high school where I played this song incessantly on my record player much to my parents’ annoyance also when my neighbor hired me to babysit his kids at the Cow Palace during the first Beatles Concert. That was a good gig.

Whatever the memory, it will be of easier times, simpler times, safer times, and innocent times.  A time before fears of a virus, time before political correctness, time before computers, social media, and cell phones, time before the sexual revolution and harassment, time before women’s liberation movement, and a time before the gay movement.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just wasn’t pointed out so much back then. A simpler, innocent, safer, and easier time.  Now we have to live in a world where everything we do or say will offend someone.  Never used to be that way.

This song will definitely bring one back and also has a good message of today as long as you are of baby boomer age.

What are your memories of this song, where were you when you heard it, etc.?

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