To Mask or Not to Mask? That is the Question.

woman in face mask shopping in supermarket
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I say, “mask away.”  Common sense has to take over here.  If the germ can remain in the air when we are walking through a grocery store, I’m going to wear a mask.  Some say the mask won’t prevent the germ from entering your body.  How so?  It’s better than breathing it in.  Some say you’ll be adjusting the mask and accidentally touch your eyes and contract the germ.  I say balderdash!  Better to have a mask covering your nose and mouth than not to have a mask covering your nose and mouth. Anything that can stop the little bugger from getting near our orifices (never wrote that word before), I will wear.

If we have a mask we will wear it when in public places.  If we are allowed to go to a grocery store and pharmacy, hell yes, I’m wearing a mask.  There could be someone breathing and spreading the germ without knowing it or showing symptoms.  I don’t think we need the POTUS to tell us what to do.  We have a logic and we need to use it.

Wear a mask when in a store but not on an empty street or park.  It’s common sense.  Common sense is not so common anymore if we have to wait for a proclamation to know what to do.

To mask or not to mask?  Depends on the situation.  Use your noggin. Don’t wait for the CDC or president to tell you what to do.  The next thing we’ll hear is someone suing the government for contracting the germ because they followed the government’s guidelines and it didn’t work. It’s almost as though people are looking for someone to blame. The only person we have to blame is ourselves and China.

And for Nancy Pelosi to say that Trump was fiddling around when the virus first took place and that she’ll have to find out what he knew and when he knew it, is the height of hypocrisy as the Dems ridiculed him for banning flights early on during the time he was getting impeached by the House.  It was the Dems who scoffed at the virus, not Trump.  When will these liars ever stop lying?

And for the reporters to dictate what Trump had said in the past out of context is also despicable.  Trump made it clear that he wanted the virus to hopefully be gone by Easter.  It was aspirational.  He also said the hoax was the media trying to blame him for the virus, not the virus was a hoax.  Another distorted claim they are making.  Trump also said that viruses tend to go away during warmer months, this is still TBD.  Nothing to dispute right now.  Trump is trying to instill hope not fear, like the governors of some states are.  We all need a little hope and unity right now, not partisanship.

Pray for health, hope, and unity of our nation. And wear a mask when appropriate. 

2 thoughts on “To Mask or Not to Mask? That is the Question.

  1. If you wear rubber gloves ( which I do when shopping for food ) you have to wonder how effective is it really. I push my cart to my car and take my bags out of the cart and load them in my car, while still wearing the gloves I used while shopping. I push the cart to the holding area, remove my gloves and put them in the trash. Here is the problem. If I touched anything that was contaminated I just transferred it to my car on the grocery bags, then later into my kitchen. There is not a procedure that is 100% fool proof. I think probably the best of all solutions is using hand sanitizer after each of those operations and forget the gloves. In the meantime keep your hands away from your face. When home remove the food from the bags, move the bags to your garage, and wash your hands again. I think this is actually the best you can do, all things considered. I also think wearing a mask in public is a good thing, although I don’t have on yet. Can’t find them. Maybe I have some dust masks somewhere in my garage. Good luck, keep low, stay healthy.


    1. We almost have to put on a new pair of gloves when getting home and bringing in the bags, emptying the groceries, then wiping the cans and boxes down with soapy washcloth, then put the bags somewhere, then remove gloves and wash hands again. It’s a lot work but everything helps. It’s nuts as we are all paranoid now. Do the best you can and keep the faith this all ends soon.


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