Has New York Mishandled the Crisis?


woman sitting at window sill looking out the window at new york city
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

New York hospitals seem to be admitting everyone that tests positive for coronavirus rather than having them stay home with homecare.  This causes overcrowding, shortage of nurses and doctors, and diminished supplies. The governor won’t approve hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combo that seems to be working on patients to even be prescribed unless you are admitted to the hospital; therefore, the hospital becomes a magnet for anyone with the symptoms. The hospitals are the belly of the beast when it comes to dying.  They have the germ.

After a recent talk with my doctor via video conference she told me there are NO patients hospitalized in my county.  They are all doing homecare.  There are six tested positive and no deaths.  With less patients entering the hospital, less healthcare workers will be exposed allowing for better service once a patient is hospitalized. This makes good sense.

Governor Cuomo has been acting irresponsible from the onset of the virus and his state is now paying the price.  It’s almost too late for his state. Everything he has done or approved has been politically motivated. Even though he says it’s not a red or a blue crisis, it’s a red, white, and blue crisis.  BS!  They should have heeded warnings earlier rather than pooh poohing them. Now it is his intent each day to complain and blame, who else, but Trump.

Cuomo has been predicting that his state is ground zero and the rest of us are doomed for the same.  This is fear mongering.  Cuomo is running to replace Biden as president and needs bad news to run against Trump.  What better way to have bad news than to create it?  He’s done a good job of that even having his mother visit his brother during the shelter in place orders.  He’s now claiming his brother will be the poster child for coronavirus.  I think more like poster child for arrogance to think he wouldn’t contract it or give it to others. Cuomo held a birthday party for a family member!  Really?  While we are all avoiding our family?  Who does he think they are?  Special? Hypocrite.

The Democrats have embraced this governor as the voice of reason.  I guess if you’re desperate to find someone other than bumbling Biden to represent you. I guess if you need to be talked down to everyday like a third grader.  I guess if you didn’t know what a facemask or a gown looks like. I guess if you want someone who wasn’t prepared for the next 9-11. I guess if you want someone who ignores the shelter in place orders.

So before the Dems puts all their chips on a do nothing, wasteful spending governor, you better examine the guy a little better.  And why wouldn’t he allow the latest medicine to be prescribed to patients with the symptoms other than wanting more patients to be hospitalized to receive it?   This runs the numbers up on his lame graph.  His graph went way down today and he had the gall to downplay it calling it a blip in the graph.  What a pessimist. This proves he’s looking for bad news each day.  He is doom and gloom.  I wonder if his brother is allowed to receive the forbidden hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combo? Most likely. I don’t trust the guy.

With Dr. Fauci warning that there could be 100,000 to 200,000 U.S. deaths and that we can’t cancel the shelter in place until there are NO new cases our economy will never come back.  Trump has to take the bull by the horns and dismiss this doctor’s and Cuomo’s dire warnings despite what the press and Dems will cry.  The sooner the better.  Trump needs to use his good intuition at this point. The cure is now becoming worse than the virus.

The left are doomsayers and have an ulterior motive to ruin America as we know it by, once again, trying to steal the presidency from Trump.  Can you imagine if Trump caught this virus and then Pence?  Pelosi would be biting at the bit to slip right in. Ugh!  Worst nightmare ever.  We now hear that Biden approves of the travel ban with China.  A little late for that revelation, Biden.  Cuomo is overly thanking and praising Oregon’s Democrat governor for sending him ventilators.  Did he ever thank Trump?  Not so much.

This is all politics from this point on.  The Dems are circling the wagons around their new leader of their party, Cuomo.  It’s too obvious and almost nauseating. Nothing new here. The parties are not working together and the Dems are already trying to re-impeach Trump again.  Same ol’ same ol’.

Stay tuned.



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