Hollywood Celebs: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

hollywood sign
Photo by Paul Deetman on Pexels.com

When we have to see celebrities in their homes without hair and makeup pleading for us to “stay home” it makes me want to throw up.  Who do they think they are to make a public service announcement on television?  Who is their target audience? And why haven’t they learned to do their own makeup yet? Do they think so little of us that we need them to tell us how to behave?  I guess so.  Do they think they’re on a level above the rest of us and we can’t do anything until a celebrity tells us what to do?  I guess so.  It is very reminiscent of when they used to tell us to vote “I’m With Her.”  Look how that would have turned out.  They’re not a group of people we need to be taking advice from. What a bunch of poor, attention-starved actors.

Let’s face it.  Without a good story, scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, and editors actors aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.  They’re told what to do and how to look in every second of a scene throughout a movie.  What other job has such supervision and overlook?  No other job.  Sure some are better at dramatic or comedic scenes than others but half of America could probably fill in for them as a stand in without any acting classes.

These same celebrities haven’t appeared in a decent movie in twenty years and yet they have the gall to tell us we should stay home from our jobs?  They need to stay home from their jobs. Movies were so much better in the 70s, 80s, even the 90s but now they are far and few between.  Now if movies don’t have some social justice message in them, they don’t get made. They either have to have a Black, a gay, a transgender, a Hispanic, an anti-cop, anti-bullying, anti-drug, anti-war, women empowerment message or heavy sex just to get approval to be filmed.  Then to get any nominations, they should have all of the above boxes checked. This is the new Hollywood.  No more Play Misty for Me, Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Splendor in the Grass, Marty, Tootsie, The Graduate, Broadcast News, Rainman, Vertigo, or The Birds.  Now we get crap from them. It’s like the award shows of the Best of the Crap. I can’t even think of a movie in the last ten years anyone has raved about.

So, celebrities, stay in your home and watch your old reruns on DVR.  We’ll use our OWN judgement on whether to stay home or not.  We don’t need advice from you. Most of you celebrities have never even attended any college unless it was an acting class.  You know who you are. You’re not one to be giving us practical advice or political advice either.  And don’t waste your money on anymore public announcements, please.  They’re annoying.  We aren’t missing you.

We’re missing our favorite store, restaurant, nursery, and our families and friends, not you. Save your advice for your twitter account or facebook where they belong. When you enter my living room uninvited that’s when I object.  I guess they feel they’re adored by America and that we have to see them in our living rooms.  Not so.

Stay Out of My Living Room, Hollywood.

Journalists Are Next. What Are They Good For? 



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