It’s Not One or The Other…


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It’s not our health OR our economy.  We can keep BOTH of these as long as we handle the transition back into the public in a precise way.  Trump has done an excellent job so far enlisting the help of the private sector, approving government monies to companies for their payroll, and recruiting the best companies for a vaccine.  His daily transparency in his press conferences is welcomed by all except the fake news media and most Democrats. And his continued effort to get supplies by hook or by crook to these demanding governors is unprecedented.

It is now Trump’s job to thread the needle to get our country back on its previous course. Right now it is off the rails.  We want the unemployed to be rehired and offices to be buzzing with employees.  We want restaurants to reopen with their own restrictions. Companies will have to enforce their best social distancing effort as they will be on their own.

We are not a socialist country despite what those in the House have tried to make us. We are not a nanny nation that needs to hold the hand of each and every citizen. Government has done as much as possible to demonstrate how to behave during a pandemic.  It is soon up to us when they give us “the word.”  It is up to every American soon to do the smart thing and protect themselves while going about their daily life the best they can. We are a country of smart people.  Let’s prove it.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” As this old saying goes, we are the horse and we now need to drink and Trump has been the one leading us.  Despite what the lame stream media continues to echo that Trump has failed us from the beginning and throughout the pandemic, we know better.  There is actually no one that could have handled this better than Trump.  He’s done a remarkable job. He has been bold yet compassionate, and that’s a rare combination.

So when we get “the word” that we can return to work or leave our homes, let’s not go ballistic and cry that it’s “too early” like the lame stream media will undoubtedly do. We are onto them by now. Remember, there’s nothing they would like more than to bankrupt America and have the government take over our lives.   Nothing Trump does or says will meet with their approval.  Absolutely nothing.  Have faith. We can do both: Maintain our health and restore our country at the same time.  Or as Obama used to say, “We can walk and chew gum at the same time.”  Not sure he was able to though.  Heehee.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not One or The Other…

  1. I think we can absolutely return to work, a little differently than before, with a lot of added precautions, but we can do it. People will not tolerate being in lock down much longer. Good job.


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