Time to Cut the Illustrious Fauci Loose.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Fauci is like the slow sleigh dog pulling back the pack.  Trump needs to cut him loose to get our country back to full speed.  Fauci has been wrong from the get go.  His models are wrong. He’s wrong about hydroxychloroquine’s success and about the estimated time to return to work. We are at war with this virus and will use the weapons we have on hand, not wait two years for a better weapon, said recently by a conservative no doubt. Fauci wants no one to go back to work until there are zero deaths. With that thinking, there will be no jobs to go back to. But what does he care?

Fauci has no skin in the game as he continues to get his bureaucratic paycheck.  He has no empathy for small businesses as he’s never run one.  Just because he’s a doctor does not make him right. He only cares about the virus not the economy and people out of work. He’s myopic whereas Trump has to be concerned for both.

“Dr. Smoke and Mirrors” used China and Italy for models for our country.  Our country is nothing like China and Italy.  Garbage in = garbage out. And he calls himself a scientist?  “PTA Mom” is not much better and those scarfs… :/  These two experts are Democrats that voted for Hillary.  I’ll bet my last dollar on that.  They have an ulterior motive to hurt Trump. When Trump finally puts the country back to work they will scoff, causing the public to scream in protest. Better to cut them loose now so they don’t have a say in the matter.  They’ve overestimated deaths and the spreading to other states.  Cuomo said his state was ground zero and that other states will experience the same, and I’m sure his Italian friend agreed. Time to get some other doctors on the payroll like Dr. Oz who has current experience in treating patients–not some bureaucrat.

“In the United States, the primary agent of panic has been the highly-esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci who also has close ties to the World Health Organization. According to National Review, Fauci hypothesized in late February in the New England Journal of Medicine that the fatality rate of COVID-19 may be “considerably less than 1% because many people who are infected experience either no symptoms or very mild symptoms and therefore do not report.” And yet, the media routinely states that the mortality rate is 3.4% or higher. Dr. Fauci himself continues to claim that COVID-19 is 10x as bad as the flu, even though his own estimates of 100K to 200K deaths compares to the CDC’s reported deaths during the 2019-2020 flu season of between 24,000 and 62,000. If Fauci’s 10X figure is accurate, then he should be estimating between 240,000 and 620,000 deaths, which he is not. His numbers simply do not add up!” Technocracy News

Even A.G. Barr said yesterday that hydroxychloroquine was being spoke of positively until Trump praised it then the left went jihad on it. So no matter what Trump says or does, the left will go crazy.  They don’t like anything he likes.  If Trump praised the sun, the left would start hating the sun. They are so dismissive of VP Pence when he comes to the podium. They don’t even have questions for him–just questions for their hero “Dr. Smoke and Mirrors.” The left has promoted Fauci to “the voice of reason” and will ONLY listen to him.  Time for him to go.

My husband’s doctor, who is undoubtedly a Democrat, dismissed hydroxychloroquine as nothing more than a placebo and wouldn’t prescribe it.  Who the hell is he to say that! He also said that Biden’s videos in his basement are being “doctored” by the media to make him look bad.  Since when do our personal doctors get political on us?  My husband couldn’t debate with him as he’s under his care and doesn’t want to offend the guy. But boy, oh boy, did he blame everything on Trump from his lack of gowns to testing to facemasks.  Everything wrong in his office and the world, apparently, is Trump’s fault not our Democrat governor’s. This is what we are up against.  This is not good.

Also doctors may be fleecing patient’s medicare plans by putting them on a ventilator to jack up the billing to $39,000.  And now we are finding the ventilators may be harming our healthy lungs?  When money influences our care in the hospital, we are all in trouble.  But I have found it to be that way.  Last November, my medicare plan got billed $8,000 for a lousy sprained wrist by the ER.  This is not good.

And lastly, the number of deaths from Covid may be misreported due to doctors checking the Covid box rather than the real cause of an underlying condition like heart failure, diabetes, obesity, pneumonia, and immune deficiencies. This contributes to false graphs and projections. This is not good.

Dr. Fauci, Gov. Cuomo, and Pelosi have misled the public and should be fired or step down. Pelosi told residents of San Francisco to continue to visit Chinatown while the epidemic was spreading.  That was not good advice.

So when Trump pulls the trigger on our economy just wait for the left to go nuts!  Trump knows they will, but will have to do it anyway.  Better to do it without those two know-it-alls looking over his shoulder in disapproval.

Drain the swamp, Trump! Cut Fauci Loose Before It’s Too Late!

UPDATE:  Now that the media is catching up to what we all thought about Fauci from the get go, what will become of him?  I remember when he threw Trump under the bus during his first interview with the media.  He pooh-poohed hydroxychloroquine making the drug and Trump look bad. Trump should have fired him when he had the chance.  He was a fraud and still is.  He is only out for his own pocketbook and fame.  He’s a hypocrite and a phony.  His emails prove that he covered up the involvement of China in the pandemic and was praised for doing so.  I really think he committed treason and should be prosecuted.  He sent grants to the Wuhan Lab in order for them to manipulate bat viruses into a bioweapon.  Mission Accomplished,  Fauci!  Time to go!


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