Now That the Pandemic Has Turned Totally Political…What’s Next?


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From Gov. Cuomo claiming Trump is bordering on a constitutional crisis, to Nancy claiming Trump inherited a strong economy and has squandered it, to Obama endorsing his partner in crime at the last minute, to Bill Gates chiming in on Trump’s decision to investigate W.H.O., to the media claiming Trump had a slow response to the epidemic, we know the Democrats are uniting together against Trumpnot the virus.  Despite the pandemic, it is still an election year and everything the Dems do or don’t do regarding the pandemic will be political from now on despite what Cuomo claims.  Any chance that our country has become “united” is long gone. That ship sailed already and is out to sea.

So now what will happen?  Obama will start campaigning for Biden and lying about Trump and his own accomplishments from here on out.  It will be Obama running again, not Biden.  :/  After all, Biden knows where all Obama’s bodies are buried and vice versa.  They have too much dirt on each other to turn on each other, and I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ Biden threatened Obama for his endorsement. Biden is a thug from way back in his Corn Pop days. He’s also a sexual harasser.  He’s one of the original members of the B&B Party– blackmail and bribery. And where’s #metoo in all of this?  Oh, I forgot, Alyssa Milano only goes after “conservatives” like Kavanaugh.

Trump has enlisted the advice from a myriad of professionals across the nation to come up with a precise plan on how to get our country working again.  Governors will drag their feet on some of the ideas Trump suggests, but that’s to be expected. They can’t make it look like it was Trump’s Task Force idea, it has to be their own.  Sort of how Biden has taken claim to everything Trump has already done regarding the virus. These Democrats are the most ungrateful, disrespectful herd of animals I’ve ever witnessed.  I am increasingly shocked by what comes out of their lying mouths. They can never thank Trump for a good job.  If they accidentally slip in a left-handed compliment, it is redacted the next day because they caught hell from their constituents overnight. They’re giving me whiplash. And Pelosi has never given Trump one compliment in three years.

Because there is so much confusion on what the truth is about this pandemic, here’s the indisputable facts we do know about the coronavirus:

  1. The Coronavirus originated in China, and I don’t care if it came from a wet market or a lab at this point.  Either way it’s bad.
  2. China tried to keep it secret from the world, but let their citizens travel.
  3. W.H.O. covered for them once the word got out.
  4. Trump took hell from the media for banning flights from China and Europe into the U.S. It was labeled overkill, xenophobic, and racist.
  5. China and W.H.O. misled us into believing it was not transferable from person to person.
  6. The Federal Government came up with Guidelines to prevent the spread early on.
  7. Many groups disregarded the Guidelines including cruise ships and college kids.
  8. The Federal Government recommended a shelter in place for 15 days which got increased to 45 days once the virus spread.
  9. The Covid19 models used by our experts to predict deaths from 100,000 to 240,000 were wrong.
  10. Cuomo’s fact that his city was ground zero and other cities would follow was wrong.
  11. The coronavirus is three times more contagious and deadly than the flu.
  12. Most victims dying from the virus are over the age of 75 with underlying health conditions or obesity or of African American heritage or are smokers or in a rest home.
  13. The ventilators are harmful to some patients and hydroxychloroquine is helpful to some patients.
  14. Some deaths that are attributed to Covid19 may be from another cause which alters the true count of deaths.
  15. Some of the tests for Covid19 are false positive and some false negative which alters the true count of cases.
  16. Hospitals get paid more from a Covid19 cause of death from Medicare than any other cause.

There still is come confusion over mask wearing or not and how long the virus stays on objects and what kind of objects and how long it is airborne and the incubation period from exposure to symptoms; but some of this we’ll never know.  It’s like the cold.  We don’t know where we contracted it, we just know we’re blowing our nose.

So don’t believe all the media’s lies as they have gone political jihad on us based on the crazy press conference questions they ask.  They are only there to disrupt and ask “gotcha” questions trying to trip up Trump.  Then their news station (CNN, NBC) will replay their question over and over, no doubt–hoping to make a name for themselves.  They could care less about people dying from coronavirus despite the feigned outrage in their voices.  They only care about themselves and their careers.



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