Is the Pandemic Being Used to “Slip In” the Green New Deal?


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Slowly but surely, we’re seeing our civil liberties being taken away from us daily.  It’s amazing how an epidemic suddenly gives some authorities carte blanche to ban worship in cars and sale of American flags, fishing season cancelled, golf courses closed, gun sales limited, motorized boats not allowed–only sailboats, releasing prisoners, and questioning citizens’ travel.  Little by little they’re taking away our rights and freedoms in plain sight, but they always seem to be the rights mostly enjoyed by conservatives. Why is that?  Gas stations will be next to close if they get their way. What better way to keep us home and destroy the fossil fuel industry at the same time? Get it now?

Notice how the left seems to be relishing on continuing “the shut down” of America?  This is just a snippet of the way a socialist country looks with no cars on the roads, food shortages, no toilet paper, masked faces, no air travel, no cruises, milk being discarded from dairies, beef factories being shut down, people living off government checks, alcohol consumption increased; and they love it.  After all, it ruins the economy and increases unemployment which helps to reduce “global warming”.

But, most importantly,  it threatens Trump’s chances for reelection and increases their chance to regain power. And that’s their ultimate goal: get Trump out. They could care less about the deaths caused by the virus and people out of work as long as they get Trump out. This is evidenced by Pelosi’s lack of urgency to get money in the hands of companies for their payroll and the lack of coverage by the press. Pelosi has unemployment blood on her hands.

We went from the most prosperous country to a country of scared “shut-ins” peeking out their curtains hoping the car they heard out front is not an unexpected visitor or as I call it a “pop in”.   The day of the “pop ins” is long over. No surprise visits to your friends or family as you’ll be shunned by a nation of scared rabbits.  It’s the curbside snub.

But one thing stays the same: the Democrats continue to lie about Trump daily and try to rewrite history.  They refuse to admit they ignored the warnings of the coronavirus and told folks to enjoy their cities while the virus was spreading.  They are claiming Trump missed the early warnings.  This is what they do.  They lie and project what they’ve done onto Trump.  But they forgot that we have videos of Pelosi, Cuomo, Schumer, and Biden ignoring the early warnings.

Now the Democrat governors are trying to take power away from the president. But what they don’t realize is that when we are at war, the buck stops at the president’s desk.  He makes the decisions for the rest of America and the governors enforce them is all.  They don’t make them. Neither does Dr. Fauci.  Cuomo is trying to run for president and will get his feathers ruffled up a bit, but has no say in the matter.  Why not wait to see what Trump and his task force come up with before complaining?  It may not even include your state Cuomo. Stay in your lane, Cuomo, and quit whining.  You’re being political more than anyone.

We need to stand up for our civil liberties and not allow any more to be taken away.  They’ll be tracking us on our cell phones soon and shutting down news channels they don’t like.  When we give them an inch (which we already did during the first stimulus package), they’ll take a mile.  “Mail in ballots” is another thing the left wants led by Michelle Obama. This is just another word for “fraud”.  Fraud is a Democrat’s middle name and the only way they can win an election.  Don’t let this happen.  Demand your right to vote in person and show ID.  With mail in ballots, no ID is necessary.  A dead person, an illegal, a prisoner, and Mickey Mouse can vote, like they did in 2016 to win the popular vote.  Trump needs to put an end to this idea before they take our “right to vote” away too.

Protect Your Freedoms!  Vote Trump/Pence.

Prayers for the tornado victims and families across America.


2 thoughts on “Is the Pandemic Being Used to “Slip In” the Green New Deal?

  1. You scored 100 max points, for your excellent observation that the scumocrats are using this to push numerous agendas. Check out what governor blackface signed into law today, it will knock your socks off. Watching the scumocrats at work one can only surmise that they are the worlds largest crime syndicate. Good job.


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