Pelosi is Obsessed with the President. Not in a Good Way.


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I’ve noticed lately that Nancy, more so than her cohorts, is becoming increasingly obsessed with the president. She cannot stop bad-mouthing Trump’s plans almost like a scorned high school girl obsessed with the girl who stole her boyfriend.  She’s becoming central casting for a Lifetime Movie at this point entitled, Her Sole Obsession.

Her condition started out almost innocently with the Russia Russia Russia Hoax but then when that blew up in her face after the Mueller Report was released, she went all in on the Ukraine Hoax which led to the Impeachment Sham which she was totally pulling the strings for. Then when she had the meltdown during the State of the Union Address and ripped her copy up on camera for the world to see, that’s when her obsessive hatred was exposed.  She has become the puppet master to eliminate Trump from office, not Obama, not AOC, not Rashid, not Schumer, not Schiff, she is the leader of the pack as she has become obsessed.  And no one can stop her or control her.

Nothing more motivating than failure to become obsessed with someone that is succeeding everyday in his job.

“Psychiatrists in the US are seeking to have ‘post-traumatic embitterment disorder’ recognized as a mental illness. The German psychiatrist who came up with the name, Dr Michael Linden, says people with this disorder are angry, pessimistic, aggressive, hopeless haters intent on revenge. He points to an estimate of one to two per cent of the population suffering this all-consuming bitterness, and says “they are almost treatment resistant – revenge is not a treatment” NewCastleHerald

The underlined words in the aforementioned quote describe Nancy to a tee.  I’m not a psychologist but obsessive hatred from a “post traumatic embitterment” when Trump won the election seems to be what Nancy is suffering from. This combined with all his successes as President and all her failures to oust him have sent her over the top.  Her latest quest to discredit Trump is to claim his handling of the pandemic was too late and incompetent which, of course, is irrational if not outright lying.  Here’s one:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made numerous false claims during an MSNBC interview on Friday, and claimed that the coronavirus crisis in the United States was “largely of” President Donald Trump’s “making,” and that he was responsible for Americans dying.” Daily Caller

It’s all Trump’s fault. That’s her default excuse for anything wrong. So we can see she has lost it.  She just moves on to the next hoax–Trump’s Coronavirus Crisis Failure.  Nothing coming out of her mouth is from a sane person.  It is from a person suffering from a mental illness. She shows lack of empathy for the people suffering from unemployment and doesn’t case.  She shows lack of empathy for the healthcare workers risking their lives everyday and doesn’t care.  She shows lack of empathy for small businesses going under daily from the shut down and doesn’t care. She doesn’t have the capacity to care. She’s insensitive to America’s pain and suffering.  She’s lost it.

Her obsession to take out Trump is all that’s on her mind.  Nothing else matters. When a stimulus bill comes up for vote, she stalls it so more folks will be laid off raising the unemployment numbers to hurt Trump.  That’s all she cares about.  That’s her mission: to take out Trump and get back total control of the country into the Democrats’ hands.  Like the scorned high school girl seeking revenge on the girl who stole her boyfriend.  But what she doesn’t realize is that most of the country doesn’t want to be back in the Dem’s control just as the boyfriend doesn’t want his old girlfriend back. She’s on a fool’s errand.

Her followers and sycophants claim she is powerful, strong, and tough when she behaves like this.  Woman empowerment is what they’re seeing, but they are misreading her actions as strength.  They are nothing more than obsessive hatred for a man that she can’t control, and it has driven her cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.  

Maybe all that sugar and chocolate ice cream she eats (like a high school girl) has ruined her brain.  Sugar is a killer.  She ought to empty out her freezer and her family should be seeking her a good therapist.  She should also resign as she has more unemployment and bankruptcy blood on her hands than anyone in congress right now.  Politicizing the Bat Virus against Trump only hurts Americans and will get her nowhere.  She needs to resign before more lives are destroyed by her mental illness.



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