Sanctuary States/Cities are a Magnet for the Bat Virus.

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Why is that?  I thought the Bat Virus didn’t discriminate from one state line to another or one race to another or one party to another or one gender to another or one age to another.  But it seems to target sanctuary states and cities.  What could be the correlation?  Is it just a coincidence?  Or did sanctuary states not heed the early warnings as much as the rest of the nation?  Let’s examine this:

As a property owner in a sanctuary county in a sanctuary California, I can attest to the fact that citizens pooh poohed Trump’s banning flights from China calling it racist and continued to go about their business; one person even saying, “I can’t shut out the world.”  They continued to go to work, luncheons, movies, cruises, flights, wine tasting, parties, public transportation until they got the word from their governor to shelter-in-place.  Now they are some of the worst paranoid people in the country, hiding in their homes, peeking out their curtains, wearing masks while driving, refusing to open their front door, and washing down doorknobs in their own home like something right out of a horror film.  What a bunch of mindless sheep. One extreme to the other.

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These sanctuary state governors were slow to respond, almost being defiant to President Trump like Pelosi who told people to go to Chinatown, or DeBlasio that told people to go to the movies, and like New Orleans which is a sanctuary city in a non-sanctuary state but run by a Democrat governor. They held Mardi Gras at end of February which was way after knowing about the threat of the Bat Virus.

Now this same sanctuary county that I am a proud property owner in :/ is requiring masks when being outside your home in every setting, even for a walk.  They’ve shut down tennis courts, hiking paths, pools, and golf courses.  Nurseries too are even closed.  Crazy overkill.  People can social distance in all of the above situations IMO.

Did the liberal defiant attitude of these governors contribute to sanctuary states and cities receiving the most cases and deaths?  Hmmm.  ):>0  Here is a list of sanctuary states. The ones with asterisks are in the top seven highest death counts from the Bat Virus in the U.S.:


*New Jersey
New Mexico
*New York

Michigan and Pennsylvania are also part of the top seven list of death counts but are not sanctuary states, however, are run by Democrat governors. In fact, all the sanctuary states are run by Democrat governors. Duh!


Covid 19 is a term I don’t like saying and am tired of hearing as well as “the new norm”.  These terms were created by political correct politicians, the media, and the W.H.O.  Bat Virus or China Virus and “back to normal with safety first” is what we should be calling it. No tiptoeing through the tulips with these snowflake terms.

Now that people are protesting strict shutdowns of their businesses that are suffering, it shows that We the People are taking our country back.  Only the liberal, liberal elite areas will continue to suffer from their defiant governor’s total control and remain silent in their solar-paneled houses eating tofu and arugula like sheep. Stupid.

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