“We Believe All Women (Who Accuse Conservative Politicians)”

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The #Metoo and #Time’sup Movements are the biggest phony bunch of women I’ve ever seen made up of mostly celebrities.  They all came together against Kavanaugh when he was up for Supreme Court Justice, but we now know it was all a setup.  They really didn’t believe Dr. Ford or Swetnick, they just used them to take down a conservative justice appointed by President Trump.

Like they ignored the sexual assault accusers of President Clinton, they’ll ignore a sexual assault accuser of candidate Biden.  But they got caught this time as Biden’s accuser actually told people and one of them was her mother who called into the Larry King Show.  And she is a Democrat accusing a Democrat which is also similar to the Clinton accusers. This is direct evidence unlike what phony Dr. Christine Ford couldn’t come up with. Ford was an anti-Trump activist accusing Kavanaugh who scrubbed her social media accounts clean before going before congress.  Phony from the get go.

Now that this old tape has surfaced, do you think the fake news will play it?  Of course not.  It accuses a Democrat not a Conservative.  That tape won’t see the light of day on fake news CNN or Rachel Maddow Show, but they’ll show it on FOX News. What a bunch of hypocrites the fake news media are.

This is proof positive that the #metoo and #time’sup movements are phony and so are its founders, leaders, and followers.  Phony, phony, phony.  I hope this tape will be played ad nauseam on FOX and shame the fake news until the election.  I doubt if Chris Cuomo will play it or Anderson Cooper.  So far Biden has not been asked one question regarding this tape from fake news media.  Outrageous!  What phony journalists.  They bury the news against their Democrat candidates like they did with Obama and his radical past associations.


The other day during the Coronavirus Press Conference Trump was brainstorming as he often does.  He was so excited that UV rays kill the virus in one and a half minutes as he had predicted early on when the virus was first discovered. This makes being out in the sunlight right now a good choice.  Does he get credit for that from the fake news media?  Of course not.  They picked up on a brainstorming comment he made about disinfectant kills the germ too. He said something like too bad we can’t find a way to get that into our system to cleanse it of the virus.

I took his comment as possibly scientists coming up with a chemo that has a safe level of disinfectant in it that could save lives, not for someone to drink disinfectant.  But not the press.  They took it as Trump telling folks to go drink Lysol.  These reporters just don’t get Trump.  That’s the way he gets people thinking and working on new ideas.  It’s not meant for the average Joe to go out and buy Lysol.

That was my take on his comment. Whether or not he was being facetious, I’m not so sure.  He was giving his scientists an idea to work on.  Wait and see, next they’ll have a cure for the coronavirus that involves a safe disinfectant patch, shot, spray, pill, or chemo.  Will Trump get credit? Of course not.

Note to Trump:  Do your pressers but don’t take any questions from that school of sharks in the press room. We don’t learn a thing from their questions.  They have lost all privileges to ask questions of anyone of you as they lack comprehension skills.



5 thoughts on ““We Believe All Women (Who Accuse Conservative Politicians)”

  1. My personal opinion is that the Prez should stop doing the Virus briefings daily, and do one a week from his office without the press present. Trump says things off the cuff in a casual manner and the idiots in the press takes these comments and use them against him. He has demonstrated a real concern about how this is affecting the average citizen, and the impact on families, and all the press can do is attack him every chance they get. The left in this country are the real deplorables. Keep up the good work, always enjoy your blogs.


  2. This has troubled me for some time, as Tara Reade’s accusation is corroborated more strongly each day. As someone with liberal views, I’d like to acknowledge that I most certainly believe her allegations against Mr. Biden. I believe her.
    Many of my fellow Democrats behave hypocritically in this arena – many believe women…just so long as it is convenient. I feel like consistency in sympathy and outrage is key. If we are to believe women, there should be no caveats across party lines!


  3. You’re right. There needs to be some hard evidence like maybe a report filed with H.R. or at least people they tell at the time that remember. To have vague remembrance of an assault doesn’t sit well with me. You remember where it happened, who was around, who you told and so on. Otherwise it looks political.


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