A Recap of Biden’s “Inappropriate Behavior” History.

photography of a person pointing on something
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com


Joe Biden is known for groping, fondling, sniffing, and outright inappropriate comments for years with women, girls, and boys and it’s all on camera.  What does he do when the camera is not running?  He seems like a horn dog or what we used to call a lech or a dirty old man.  But those names aren’t PC these days, I guess.

The story told by Tara Reade rings true to me as I had a similar incident as a 23 year old when I worked for the county as an engineering technician.  My married supervisor called me from the basement of the building and asked me to meet him down there.  I told him I’m busy drafting.  He said, “That’s okay. Drop what you’re doing, I need you to help me.” Being the dutiful employee as I often was I took the elevator down to the basement print room.  He handed me a small box of paper containing specifications for a bid and he held another box.

I was flummoxed at first as they weren’t heavy at all.  I felt like I had been duped. “This is why I came all the way down here?” I questioned.  He turned bright red and looked embarrassed with a goofy schoolboy smile. I’ll never forget that expression.  He was caught. We road up the elevator in complete silence but I realized then that all he wanted was to get me alone.  It was a creepy ride nonetheless. Thank God he didn’t have the guts that Biden had when he got Tara alone as I was trapped in that elevator.  But the M.O. had a familiar ring to me.

I reported him to the department head saying that he was behaving weird lately and often asking me to go to coffee with him and singling me out for duties not in my job description whereas he left the other two draftsmen (guys) alone.  From that day on he tried to punish me with clerical duties like proofreading and collating which were not in my job description so I saw a job opening in another department and applied for it. As luck would have it, I got the job and left the uncomfortable situation I was forced to work in behind me.

When Joe made his forceful advance on this girl and she objected, he then said, “You are nothing to me.  I heard you liked me.”  Something to that effect.  Then he demotes her to a small windowless office.  My question is: How many girls got promoted after Joe’s advances and remain silent to this day? Are some of them current senators or congresswomen?  These predatory kind of guys don’t change their spots.  There are other willing accomplices out there.  Bottomline:  Some girls use their sexuality to get ahead in their careers; others don’t.  Tara was one that didn’t and will never forget it. And now she’s being eerily ignored by #metoo and #time’sup.

For his colleagues to say “I believe Joe because he’s Joe” is not good enough. They need to interview his handlers that recently ravaged through his record boxes possibly taking out H.R. records of this girl.  She reported him but didn’t go to the press out of respect. Joe may have done what Hillary did, destroyed evidence.  Why did Joe say the records aren’t there?  He should have said there are no records of her reporting anything as nothing happened.  And for him to play the “to the best of my recollection nothing happened”, gives him an out as he has no recollection of what he did yesterday let alone 27 years ago.  But I’m sure Tara remembers every touch and every word he spoke to her. She’ll never forget it.


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