Let’s Get One Thing Straight!


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Trump’s past alleged indiscretions was while he was a private citizen not while holding an elected office.  His alleged indiscretions were all CONSENSUAL.  He never made unwanted advances on an employee or any girl for that matter.  It was not a #metoo moment.  It was two willing participants, if at all.  Something he and his wife at the time had to deal with.

We are all quite sure if Trump forced himself on any woman it would be front page news.  So let’s not make a comparison to Biden’s history of forcing his hands and face onto women, girls, and boys.   No comparison despite the left media’s trying to say so.  Please!  The only comparison is to Bill Clinton.  Bill was accused of rape and still is.  Trump is not.  Trump bragged about women coming onto him, not the reverse. Biden is not accused of infidelity, which he committed and no one seems to care, but is accused of forcible sexual assault.  Big difference.

So as the media finally admits that Biden has a problem, watch how they’ll try to vilify Trump by making a comparison to him.  They already are.  Nice try media.  We’re on to you.  First you cover for Biden then when that fails, you project onto Trump. So predictable.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Get One Thing Straight!

  1. Well said. Trump being a private citizen was not making long speeches full of lies in order to get elected to office. So when Joe Biden, Hillary, Kirsten, Kamala, Amie are all bragging about how they champion women, then turn their backs on the real deal, that is a something that Is far worse than Trump ever did. Then let’s not forget about good ol’ Elizabeth whose whole life is one giant lie. Yep, she’s standing with Joe after the moaning and crying and gnashing her teeth over Kavenaugh, when even my schnauzer knew C.B. Ford was lying.

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  2. And Warren tore poor old Bloomberg apart on national television calling him all sorts of vile names and asking for his NDA’s to be made public. Bunch of hypocrites. They’re all kissing Biden’s butt to be chosen as VP.


  3. Just to be clear, Trump’s alleged indiscretions were not all consensual. He’s been accused of forcing himself on several women who have come forward in recent years. I can’t argue that their stories are perfectly true because there isn’t evidence to corroborate that. I think it comes down to whose word you are willing to take. However, I don’t think it’s fair to say that each of Trump’s encounters involved “two willing participants” based on the accusations he has faced.

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  4. What are their names? Can’t recall any women saying he forced himself on them. It sounds like you’re confusing Bill Clinton with Trump. It would have been front page news if one did say that. Also again he was not in an elected office which is the main difference. Maybe infidelity, but no forced touching. It’s not word I’m willing to take it is evidence of her mother calling into Larry King at the time of the incident. That is the proof she’s not lying. Plus she filed a report which seems to be missing. And many other reasons that ring true with me as a woman.


    1. Jessica Leeds, Jill Harth, Kristen Anderson, Temple Taggart McDowell, Natasha Stoynoff, Ninni Laaksonen, and Karen Johnson are a few women who alleged inappropriate touching unwelcome groping by Mr Trump. There were also numerous accounts from women in beauty pageants on whom Mr Trump walked in while they were changing. I understand these are allegations, but they nonetheless should not be dismissed. I believe Tara Reade and do think the evidence is substantial enough to back her. I think it’s possible for one to believe that Trump and Biden both have a track record of highly irresponsible behaviour.


  5. Never heard of any of those women but I’m sure some just want their 15 minutes of fame. Unless they pressed some sort of charges or filed a complaint with the pageant association I can only assume alleged kiss or whatever was consensual.
    Swetnick lied so did Dr. Ford with no witnesses or credible memory so not out of the realm of possibility that these women are Democrat “hit women”. Democrats are known for doing this sort of thing in the name of protecting Roe vs Wade.

    Remember Trump was a “private” citizen not voted into an office that represents people and requires an oath to be taken and a manner of dignified behavior maintained etc. And Biden is running on bringing “dignity and soul of America” back to the White House. I’m not sure that should be HIS platform based on his history of groping. Trump hasn’t had any inappropriate behavior while in office that we’ve heard of. He has definitely changed his behavior from when he was younger, I’ll admit that.

    I always welcome your comments. It opens me eyes to the thinking of others.


    1. Yeah, it’s difficult to write these women off, though, especially as I learn more about the psychological factors such assault has on many – why they don’t report right away, why they may never share their story, or why they may stay with their abuser. It becomes difficult when these things took place long ago and that nobody can be fully exonerated, nor proven guilty. I don’t believe that they are all “hit women;” I think that is an unfair assumption, and that mentality is what detracts accusers because they fear disbelief or retribution. And that goes beyond politics; there are constant acts of sexual harassment, assault, and violence that happen daily – perhaps not by prominent politicians but at universities, in households, myriad other venues. I think of people like Trump, Biden, and Harvey Weinstein as symbols of a much larger movement. And with Biden’s history – I agree. His actions don’t mesh with the “dignity and soul” of an America which I want to see.

      Thanks for engaging. I welcome your perspectives as well. We often disagree, but it isn’t the uncivil Twitter-like nastiness; for that I thank you.


  6. I’m not on twitter or facebook so don’t see the nastiness but have heard it is bad. Unlike Weinstein, Trump was actually was quite charismatic and good looking when he was young and probably had his share of women hitting on him especially in NY. Biden probably too. Weinstein…not so much. I wouldn’t lump B and T in weinstein’s category as weinstein was using the “casting couch” to hit on girls in exchange for parts in movies. That’s the definition of sexual harassment. And rape is on a whole different level than flirting and sexual innuendos.

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    1. Yes – very good point. What Weinstein did was far beyond grotesque, and it was a vicious pattern. I guess my attempt was to compare the victims, because at any level on the sliding scale of sexual harassment – though some offenses are more extreme than others – from what I understand it’s extremely complex when it comes to reporting, accepting, even forgiving oneself as a victim.

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      1. We may have gotten Tara Reade wrong. On Tucker last night, he had evidence she is a big Bernie supporter and was waiting for a “moment” to come out against Biden. Also she had praised Biden during the Obama years in her social media. So she could be a Bernie operative which tarnishes her story. Also her story had changed over the years from shoulder and neck touching to what she claims now. She also claimed she was fired for not wanting to serve drinks. We need to hear from her in person before I believe any more.


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