Fake News IS the New Norm.


woman holding the new york times newspaper
Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com

We have been led to believe one fake news story after another in recent years.  The media doesn’t seem to be able to report the truth and is complicit in covering up many newsworthy stories. From the original ground zero story about General Flynn all the way to the present, the coronavirus epidemic, we have been led astray.  When a story doesn’t make sense, it usually isn’t true.

When the media is caught in outright in lies and coverups, do they apologize?  No. Sometimes they double down on their fake news stories.  They still report that Trump colluded with Russia; he didn’t.  They still report that Trump had advance intelligence of the coronavirus and did nothing; he didn’t. They still report that Trump pushed hydroxychloquine for his own selfish purposes; he didn’t. They still, to this day, report that Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails; he didn’t.  They also still report that Trump called White Supremacists good people; he didn’t. And they report that Trump called Mexicans rapists; he didn’t. They also still report that Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden in exchange for receiving U.S. aid; he didn’t. Now they’re reporting that Trump said people should inject Clorox and Lysol into their bodies; he didn’t. And today the fake news media is reporting that AG Barr is doing Trump’s bidding; he isn’t.

All the aforementioned and more are blatant outright lies told by the press yet we still read their columns and listen to their news channels.  Why?  Are we gluttons for punishment or just stupid?  And now they want us to believe the death counts from coronavirus along with every word that comes out of Fauci’s mouth?  I…don’t… think… sooo. The press has covered up Fauci’s background as well as Biden’s and now we are current.

Fauci had previous knowledge of the “success” of hydroxychloroquine with coronaviruses like SARS but said nothing, leaving it up to Trump to report. Seems finding a “vaccine” for the Covid virus is “more profitable” for all scientists and pharma concerned.  How much pressure from pharma was put on Fauci to keep quiet?  How many folks died during his silence?  How many governors (Cuomo, Sisalac) who refused to allow HCQ to be prescribed have blood on their hands? No reporting on THIS from the media.  All success stories regarding the drug HCQ have been stifled, ridiculed, and covered up by the press because “Trump recommended” it.

Biden is tweeting all women should be heard and believed yet not one news station has had Tara Reade on to hear her side of the story.  Doesn’t this say it all?  We are being hoodwinked daily by the media.  The media controls what we are allowed to see, hear, and read.  And the media is made up of mostly young college journalists that have been programmed (brainwashed) in college to be pro-Democrat.  So the spin and coverups begin.

There isn’t one investigative reporter in the bunch, and just a few left on FOX News.  NBC had years of sexual harassment on the job and even covered up their own scandals.  Now years later, they’re being exposed, rightly so.  Not only have they been very critical of Trump by reporting these lies; but within their own company, there are a bunch of sexual deviants. Remember it was NBC that held, then released, the Hollywood Access tape at an opportune time during the 2016 election.  They were part of the conspiracy to “take out” Trump. Now they are getting their comeuppance, rightly so.

I like it when folks get what they deserve like Chris Matthews, Matt Lauer, Epstein, Weinstein, and Avenatti as karma is a beech, but how long do we have to wait until ALL these charlatans are exposed for who they really are–a bunch of hypocritical, lying coverup artists?  Matt Lauer had a hidden button under his desk to lock his office door during sex.  How many women kissed and DIDN’T tell, Katie Couric?  And when are the crooked politicians and FBI top cops going to be perp walked? So far not one of them has!

We always knew shifty Adam Schiff was behind some of the dirtiest lies about Trump and now records show he blatantly lied on camera about having evidence of Trump colluding with Russia when he had NO evidence. And let’s not be fooled that old Mueller was just a committee head and didn’t know what was going on. Please, he’s not that innocent.  Him and Obama are not innocent at all.  They all knew from the get go that the Mueller Probe was a committee “in search of a crime” not investigating one.

Flynn, Manafort, and Stone were all set up and should be pardoned ASAP.  I’m tired of the Republicans sitting back and waiting for AG Barr to do all the heavy lifting.  He can only do so much. His hands are full as more and more scandalous evidence during the Obama Administration is revealed.  Yes, I wrote the Obama Administration!  The senate (Lindsey Graham) or current FBI should encourage Trump to pardon these innocent men that were targeted by the FBI. There’s enough evidence they were set up just to hurt Trump.  If Chris Wray doesn’t want to…fire him. He’s part of the coverup.  Something should be done before the election because the fake news media is going full court press now to take out Trump. Literally, nothing they report from now on will be the truth.

So when we hear, see, or read the news, keep it mind it is the “new norm” to report fake news. So don’t believe it.





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