All the President’s Men…and Women.

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Thirty-nine names appear on ‘The List’ of Obama’s intelligence officials who asked to have General Michael Flynn’s name unmasked on phone records with foreigners. Thirty-nine!  Why did 39 intelligence officials need to unmask General Flynn’s name? Why did they single HIM out?  What does this mean?  Full court press much?

Shortly before Obama left office he added 15 government agencies to be part of the intelligence community to share information. No one at the time questioned this move, but it was all part of their Insurance Plan in case Trump won. It sounded suspicious to me. This allowed these agencies to get involved in intelligence…even the Coast Guard.  What the hell does the Coast Guard have to do with the intelligence community? They’re supposed to rescue wayward boats and look cool.

And after a while, they collectively reported that Russia interfered with our election! What a coincidence they all came up with the same conclusion!  Amazing! And how much better does it sound when you say “15 intelligence agencies reported that Russia interfered with our election” versus just the FBI determined it. Obama must have had a mole doing his dirty work in every agency. Must have been one fine dinner he hosted for them all! I know, I’m using artistic license when embellishing this story but, what the hell, they do too.

Why did they target Flynn?  They were recruited to read the transcript of phone calls of an American Citizen talking with a foreign ambassador without obtaining a search warrant? That’s reprehensible!   It’s against our constitution to spy on an American Citizen without a warrant. Isn’t it? So Obama kept his hands clean while these drones did all the unmasking.  Genius!  But he finally got caught.  Because there are records of this crap going on.  Too bad it comes out so late in the game.  Should have been presented during Trump’s impeachment for “nothing”.

Back story: Obama fired Flynn when he objected to his shady Iran Deal among other things.  Obama was worried when Flynn became part of the Trump Campaign then was invited into the Trump Administration as National Security Adviser that Flynn would retaliate so he did a preemptive strike.

So all of these new-founded intelligence officials (drones) that were recruited vouched that Flynn was colluding with Russia so FBI Director Comey could surreptitiously entrap Flynn after Trump came into office.  But then Deputy AG Rosenstein grew a conscience and came to the podium and announced, “Not one vote was changed due to Russia interference.”  What?  Then why even report it?  It was a CYA announcement. He knew Obama was up to no good and probably didn’t want any part of it.  And the Russia Collusion Story begins.

The more familiar names on ‘The List’ range from Powers to Brennan to Clapper to McDonough to Comey (of course) and finally to Biden who said he doesn’t know a thing about it.  Shocker! These requests all happened before the 2016 election and one week prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.  No wonder Obama and Michelle had those guilty looks on their faces. I suspect Comey, who has a history of leaking to the press, was the one who leaked Flynn’s name to the Washington Post. Oops!  That’s an illegal act. Comey better lawyer up. And the seeds of the Russia Collusion Story were planted.

Brennan also had documents that revealed that Russia preferred to have Hillary win the election as she was more malleable (and the Clinton Foundation owed Putin) but Brennan lied to the public that Russia wanted Trump.  And some (word’s not out yet on who, but I suspect some POSING as Russians) ran pro-Trump ads on Facebook. Have to cover all your bases, right, when you’re planning a conspiracy? And the Russia Collusion Story begins.

What does Russia have on Trump?  Nothing, so let’s create something to look like Trump could be blackmailed.  What about a dirty sex story from one of his last visits there?  Excellent! I know a Russian Spy who’d love to come up with this story.  How much do you think we should pay him?  We can get the DNC to chip inAnd when it’s completed we’ll drop it on McCain’s desk so it doesn’t look like it came from us. McCain hates Trump! And so the Russia Collusion Story began.

I suggest the Senate bring each and everyone of these so-called intelligence agencies that reported that Russia interfered with our election into the Senate to be questioned as to what or who brought them to that conclusion.




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