Wimpy whiner Rick Bright, Former Dir. of BARDA Was NOT Sworn in…


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before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health!  The chairwoman said he knows he should tell the truth before our committee.  Please, he’s a Democrat and all they do is lie.  It’s second nature to them.  He was then asked if he wants a lawyer and, low and behold, who stands up?…Dr. Christine Balsey Ford’s lawyer, Katz. That in itself says it all.  This is just another attempt to bring down the Trump Administration.  Maybe even spark another impeachment!

One of the loaded questions asked by the Dems was Trump asked the public to inject Lysol!  Are you kidding me?  After listening to this activist witness, it is clear that he tried to undermine Trump’s recommendation of hydroxychloroquine because Rick was investing in two “new drugs” and didn’t want HCQ to overshadow his recommendations.  When we are at war, we use the weapons we have at hand not wait for new ones to be tested.  And what happened to health over profits?  Looks like ol’ Rick Bright wanted to make some money on the side with a new drug he recommended not an old tried and true one.  This whole hearing is about bashing HCQ to make Trump look bad.

Another loaded question was that Trump waited until April to enact the Defense Production ACT to get swabs.  What she failed to mention was that Trump enacted the help of numerous private industries with the threat of that act to produce ventilators, masks, testing equipment, and gowns without having to use the Defense Production Act.  This is all another set up.

These questioners also are trying to blame the slow response to “recommending wearing masks” at the beginning of the pandemic on Trump.  It was actually Fauci who said masks don’t protect the wearer. Only to be used if you have symptoms. That’s on Fauci not Trump. So you see, it’s all about getting Trump. Another questioner said early science-based warnings were ignored by the Federal Government and that they still have their jobs. They need to put science ahead of cronyism and politics.  What hypocrites!  Next they’ll be blaming the shortage of toilet paper on Trump.

Rick Bright failed to inform the committee that HCQ had been successfully used on other coronaviruses like SARS and was used by Fauci before.  He only said that it has been successful for Malaria.  Bright is a liar by omission! Or he’s not that bright. Arrogant Rick gets paid over $200,000 a year and hasn’t returned to work since being transferred. He has an ax to grind.  He said he’s on mental medical leave for stress.  Another lie as I’ve never seen such a calm, calculated liar in my life.  He’s on a mission to punish Trump for removing him from his former position.  But he didn’t get a pay reduction?  Poor, poor man. I can see why he’s stressed!

Rick Bright is part of the Deep State and reminded me of  Lieutenant Vindman, the tattletale to the fake whistleblower in the House Hearings. Could be brothers.  He said we don’t have the proper leadership for this pandemic right now. Hint hint.  (Let’s remove Trump!) He was a snake in the grass and got exposed and should have been removed prior to the pandemic as he allowed the pandemic supply stock pile to be depleted while in the Obama Administration. Eventually they all get exposed!  He keeps repeating that HCQ has high risks for the patient, yet he refuses to admit that it has saved the lives of many if taken early without being in the hospital under supervision. And it saves the hospitals time, money, and lives.

During the House Impeachment Hearings an adored witness, former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich, blatantly lied under oath regarding her knowledge of Burisma and Hunter Biden, it turns out now.  Are they going to prosecute her for lying under oath?  I don’t think so.  So when this chairwoman says he knows he has to tell the truth, doesn’t mean he will as there are never repercussions for these Democrat activist liars. Do you see Dr. Ford being prosecuted or Swetnick or the rest of the smug clowns in the House Impeachment Hearings?  No.

My point is:  This committee hearing is just another attempt to “bloody-up” Trump before the next election because they don’t have a candidate that can beat him. 



2 thoughts on “Wimpy whiner Rick Bright, Former Dir. of BARDA Was NOT Sworn in…

  1. I’ll bet if they showed a picture from the rear these people are tied to their chairs. If they weren’t they are so slimy they would slide off into the floor. My gawd, where do these freaks come from?

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  2. I don’t know. Obama created a bunch of zombie Obama-drones while he was in office. Never seen so many creeps willing to lie for him. Maybe he put lots of money into their fake studies and Trump ended it.


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