The Party of “Science” Can’t do Math!

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The Democrats have claimed the mantel of being the “party of science” but when it comes to math, they suck.  They continue to say “Trump doesn’t listen to science” when referring to climate change and more recently the coronavirus, but they don’t listen to math.  Newsom is one of the biggest offenders.  In California, you have a .19 percent chance of contracting covid 19 and a .0079 percent chance of dying, yet he has imposed the strictest shutdowns of any of our states.  Why is that?  Answer: Politics.

He figures the longer businesses are shut down, the better chances they’ll go bankrupt, and the unemployment rates will skyrocket even higher hurting Trump in November. He’s also hoping this will warrant a bailout from the Federal Government.  But he’s putting all his chips on one number and it could fail, as Trump could still win in November and won’t agree to a bailout. He’s cutting off his nose despite his face. And he has such a nice face.

Cuomo is another example of not being able to do math. Everything he asked for from ventilators to the hospital ship to portable hospitals to hospital tents were barely used but boy, oh boy, were those nursing homes and subways used which caused the death rate to rise.  Same with Newsom’s hospital ship that he demanded to be offshore in case the patient numbers exceeded the hospitals’ capacities.  They are both either really bad at math or bad at comparing statistics, models, and patterns from other states and countries or both.  The result was a waste of federal money which we don’t have to waste.

And now these governors and other governors from the blue states want a bailout from the Federal Government?  I don’t think so.  They are using this crisis as an excuse to get a big bailout from the Feds after years of their mishandling their own budgets in their states, rewarding illegals, and condoning homelessness and sanctuary cities.

Ironically, they collect the highest property taxes in the U.S. but waste the money on useless, frivolous projects. Then when an emergency comes along, they don’t have the money in the till to pay for it.  We know people like this, they spend money like drunken sailors and never put away for a rainy day.  That’s Newsom and Cuomo.  This has been going on for years.  Now they expect the federal government to give them a big handout in the name of the pandemic?  No way.

If anything good comes from this emergency, these out-of-control governors will be taught a lesson to stop wasting money on pet projects that the liberals come up with like studying the sex habits of a jellyfish or protecting a grub worm or minnow, stuff like that.  In turn, they should lower the property taxes to a more sensible amount fair to all homeowners not just those that bought in the 70s and start spending their revenue on roads, bridges, dams, and forest fire prevention.

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When you level the playing field for property taxes from one house to the other and not base it on when you bought the house but rather on it’s assessed value, it’s possible revenues could rise as those who haven’t been paying much will have to pay a little more and those that are paying exorbitant amounts will pay less. But everyone’s tax is based on the same formula. Fair, right?

Then you spend this revenue on, you know, things that will improve your state.  Maybe this will attract people to move BACK to California and New York rather than FLEEING in droves. But I won’t hold my breath, as they suck at math and won’t be able to come up with a formula.

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