Lori Loughlin is Taking Advantage of Covid Crisis.

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Typical lying Hollywood Democrat.  She FINALLY pleads “guilty” for college cheating scam amid the covid crisis as she knows the courts are closed and the prisons are releasing violent offenders.  What a lying piece of you know what. She’s been lying for over a year to all of us and now makes a deal with the court?  If this doesn’t smell to high heaven of Hollywood privilege like Smollett got,  I don’t know what does.

She pleads guilty in exchange for a TWO MONTH sentence?!!!  Are you kidding me?  A $500,000 bribe and she gets two months and her husband gets longer?  What happened to women’s lib and equal treatment?  Why does a man get a longer sentence?  The court and lawyers are obviously giving her special treatment because she’s female, but she’s the ringleader behind it all.

Other CEO’s who pleaded guilty upfront got nine months for doing less.  Then the news says the court will not even jail her due to covid!!!???  This is all set up by Lori to take advantage during the covid crisis, and the courts can’t see through this?  I give up.  The justice system has gone to hell.  Either they’re terribly gullible or just covering for their own.  If she was a conservative actor, I can assure you she’d be made an example of and would have had the book thrown at her with a sentence similar to what they gave Manafort.

The liberal court system is worthless right now.  We can’t trust them to enforce the law, to keep prisoners jailed, or to render proper verdicts.  They’ve gone too political.  If Lori Loughlin gets house arrest, which the rest of us are already in due to the covid shutdown, it will be a travesty. If she never gets another acting role, that’ll have to be her punishment as we can’t trust the courts to administer justice.


So here’s Biden’s shtick lately:  He seems to be running on ridiculing Trump (while he hides in his basement doing nothing for months) for his handling of the covid crisis, the economy, jobs, and dignity in the White House.  Does he not realize that we had the best economy in modern day history prior to CHINA unleashing a terrible epidemic on the rest of the world?  Is he really that clueless?  To blame Trump for loss of jobs during a national shutdown, economy, covid, and dignity in White House is either joke or the ramblings of a person with dementia. Or he thinks his followers are stupid enough to believe it. Some are. They are “the gullibles”.

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Biden just said, “If you can’t decide to vote for me over Trump, then you ain’t Black!”  Wow!  That would be a racist, demeaning comment if Trump had said it.  To assume that Blacks just vote for one party and use the world “ain’t” is racist.  To be that arrogant to assume Blacks will vote for him on his record is just plain stupid. You can’t pigeonhole one race like that.  It’s racist!

Biden has no game plan.  He has no campaign, no ideas, no original thoughts, yet he is winning in the fake polls against Trump?  What in the world?  Who in this world could actually vote for him in sound mind? Biden named Trump President Tweety? If that’s the best he’s got, America will really be in trouble choosing him for president.

Biden should stick to comedy as his virtual interviews have become as funny as any comedian could come up with.  But we’re laughing at him not with him which is sad. He isn’t making jokes, he’s making a joke of himself.  He’s like a ventriloquist’s wooden dummy, and this one even looks like him.

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood (2015) - IMDb

“No more malarkey!” says the dummy.


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