Good Ol’ Joe Has a Temper!

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood (2015) - IMDb


If we look at his past comments whether on camera or behind camera, he loses his temper quite often and that’s not a good quality in a president.  He’s not mild-mannered ol’ Uncle Joe.  He’s mean-spirited grumpy ol’ Joe.

I could go through all his old comments at town hall meetings where he loses it and calls people names like “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, but what’s the point?  The left won’t believe it.  They will cover for him until the cows come home as Joe is all they got.  And what they got is a grumpy, short-fused, ol’ man suffering from dementia. Good luck with that.

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One thought on “Good Ol’ Joe Has a Temper!

  1. This reminds me of my Dad. He had several strokes and they caused the onset of dementia. Sometimes he forgot my Moms name as well as other folks. Needless to say his conversations were a bit strange. My Father had colorful language to say the least, and he was always able to shout at the people speeding around his corner, in full control of his choice vocabulary. When you heard one of his tirades, you would have never guessed he had dementia. Sorta like old Uncle Joe.

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