Let Us Think For Ourselves! Let Us Be!


calm female tourist with folded deckchair standing alone on seashore in overcast weather
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

If we choose to wear a mask, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to wear rubber gloves, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to take HCQ, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to be vaccinated, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to attend church, let us. If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to go to the beach, let us.  If we choose not to, let us.  If we choose to quarantine ourselves, let us. If we choose not to, let us.  Let us be!

Stop slowly taking away all of our civil rights. Don’t send the covid police out to arrest us for not wearing a mask or opening our small businesses. If we come down with the coronavirus, it’s on us; not on our employer, a neighbor, a store, a sporting event, the school, or a restaurant.  We probably got too close to someone with the virus or touched a recently contaminated surface and didn’t take the proper precautions.  If we feel a virus coming on, we’ll self quarantine to protect others.  We won’t go into work or a public place or transportation with any virus symptoms.   We’ve learned that much. Let us prove it.

We have minds of our own.  We aren’t sheep. We know when a situation looks safe or not safe. We know how to be sanitary. We’ve never let the government control our every move in our lives. Never, ever have let them.  But we seem to be cowering like obedient dogs for everything they suggest or demand.   And they keep changing their minds.  Don’t wear mask, wear one. Wash your food containers, don’t wash them.  Go to the ER, don’t go there. Don’t need to be tested, need to be tested.  Meet in small gatherings, don’t meet at all. 

Every city, every county, and every state seem to be adopting their own rules not to mention homeowners associations.  Ours won’t open up tennis courts for fear of cross contamination.  They also won’t open the pool but they aren’t sure why.  My biggest complaint is with California grocery stores.  They used to ask an annoying question after you just spent $200 on food, “Do you need bags?”  Then I’d say, “Yes, paper ones please.”  “That’ll be ten cents per bag.” “Whatever.” I called this bag-shaming.

Now, even though they are cleaning up financially due to everyone eating home, they not only 86’d the paper bags and heavy plastic ones, but only provide thin flimsy plastic ones for free.  The state decided bringing in your own cloth bags was unsanitary, so they aren’t charging us for bags any longer but provide the thin flimsy plastic ones that rip.  Thanks a lot grocery stores who are doing this.  You know who you are.  Now it’s my turn to “bag shame” you. Give us some decent bags when shopping there.

couple buying groceries at a supermarket
Photo by Jack Sparrow on Pexels.com

Lastly, if a company chooses to open up safely, let them.  Why one company is called essential over another baffles me.  Four to eight years of college to be working at a job not considered essential is a little disheartening.  Liquor stores are essential but not Macy’s.  Home improvement stores are essential but not the courthouse.  Pot stores are essential?!  You’ve got to be kidding.  None of this makes sense to the average thinker.  If one can shop a grocery store safely, they can shop Macy’s safely.

Let people return to their normal shopping, eating, sporting events, and extracurricular activities.  Let children return to school to boost their self-esteem.  Staying at home without interaction with other school kids is not the way we should be bringing up our kids.  It is harmful in the long run. There’s no benefit to keeping schools closed. My 3- year-old grandson is talking like an adult right now as he’s around two parents all day long.  He asked me, “How’s it going?”  That’s not a 3-year-old’s question.  That’s a pick up line in a bar.  It stumped me as I didn’t know how to answer it.

Seriously now, let people be responsible for their own health sort of like how some folks choose to smoke cigarettes versus those that do not and others exercise and others do not.  We have the capability to know what is good for us or not and will make the calculated risk. We don’t need Dr. Neil Cavuto telling us what will kill us or not or whether we have an underlying condition.



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