In Defense of Our “Men in Blue.”


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It’s clear from the riot footage shown the last four days that there is a total disrespect by these hoodlums for the police and officers in authority whether it be ICE, National Guard, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, or the City Police.  We were always raised to respect the “men in blue” and raised our children that way.  This is something taught in the home and taught in kindergarten. Not sure if it goes beyond that in school. Police protect us and our property every day from thieves, burglars, and assault.  When something bad happens to us, the first call we place is to 911 not to Antifa, Blacks Lives Matter, or one of these rioters.  They wouldn’t help their own mother being accosted.

I was rescued by a policeman on my first day of kindergarten. My mother sent me to the wrong school and the brilliant teacher didn’t seem to catch it. I wasn’t on any of their rosters even the bus roster, so I began to walk home.  A policeman saw me crossing a six lane thoroughfare and stopped me. He asked me where are you going?  I told him home.  He gave me a ride home which was about five miles.  If I hadn’t been rescued by that policeman, I don’t know how my mother would ever have found me. Needless to say, a policeman rescued me on my first day of kindergarten and I’ll never forget it, much to my mother’s chagrin.

Police have a dangerous job and whenever they leave the house their spouse wonders whether they’ll return at night. Occasionally, there is one bad apple that ruins it for the rest of the police like in Minneapolis.  Obama said “the police acted stupidly” during his first term as president.  He took the side of a Black homeowner over the Boston police doing a routine arrest when someone is breaking into a house. This planted the seed of hate for the police by Blacks and has gone downhill ever since.  Mayor DeBlasio said,”He’s raising his kids to be fearful of the police.”  On December 20, 2014, two officers, while sitting in their vehicle, were shot to death in New York during Obama’s term.

“Two police officers sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn were shot at point-blank range and killed on Saturday afternoon by a man who, officials said, had traveled to the city from Baltimore vowing to kill officers.” New York Times

Officers have been shot when they pull over a vehicle or go to a domestic violence call. Regardless of what race of person shot them, they have a high risk job.

Whenever we have our leaders disparaging the police, it trickles down to the citizens and is a dog whistle for them to disrespect the police.  Remember the Democrat candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand were running on abolishing ICE?  Obama and Eric Holder were the birth of kneeling Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. Remember them marching and chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”? No one did a thing to stop it.  Obama always had an ax to grind when it came to the police and still does based on his comments yesterday. After all, he was a community organizer (agitator). Eric Holder went into Ferguson and stirred up trouble after an officer involved shooting of a suspect.  Of course, he took the suspect’s side. This guy never said, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That was made up by the media.

Bottom line: When you attack a police officer, you risk getting shot.  It’s simple as that.  Don’t attack a police officer and you’ll live, unless a rogue cop is involved.  When I saw these hooligans throwing bricks, bottles, garbage cans and the like at the police just doing their job, it made me wonder what kind of a world have we become where THIS is acceptable?  Why weren’t these rabble-rousers arrested on the spot? Is it because the mayors of these cities are telling the police to “stand down”?  Obama also was infamous for telling our military to “stand down” as well as other liberal mayors that let their city be destroyed.  It is almost as though the mob is running these cities, not the mayors and governors. Are they being permissive to garner the Black vote next election?  Most likely.

We need to vote for conservative leaders in our states.  Vote all these permissive liberal leaders out.  Otherwise, we’ll have more of this carnage of our precious statues, landmarks, buildings, cars, and police. What’s stopping these hoodlums from burning our homes down too?  Nothing, apparently.  They have no respect for property.  We need to nip this in the bud, as they say, or it will only escalate.  We’ll end up in a civil war and soon we will have no neighborhood to come home to nor a policeman to rescue our lost child. 




3 thoughts on “In Defense of Our “Men in Blue.”

  1. These people that bad mouth the police wouldn’t hesitate a moment to dial 911 if their home was being invaded by bad guys. They would hide in a safe room while the cops risked their lives to save their property and lives. They’re all lying hypocrites. They talk big to pander to their fans, friends, or voters. The truth is they ain’t worth saving.

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  2. I’m watching police cars being destroyed, cops getting bricks thrown at them, and drugs stores being raided by criminals in broad daylight. And no cops are around. Where is the national guard or the Army? It’s time to bring them in with tanks. This is out of control!


  3. Nations are not built by passive people, nor are they defended and maintained by passive people. Passive people are losers, always have been always will be. There is no such thing as a famous leader that achieved great things that was a pacifist.


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