Antifa and BLM are Terror Groups–Not Civil Rights Marchers.

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They can loot, decimate, and injure all they want but nothing will change in society from their vile behavior. If anything, all it does is make themselves look bad. I was shocked to watch a group of hoodlums in Philadelphia open the hood of a police car, pour lighter fluid on the engine, and drop a lit match.  This was after they broke out the windshield. All done in broad daylight with not a cop around.  These are experienced paid vandals.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  They all must have a record.  Then the police car went up in flames with them filming it.

Let’s get one thing straight. They aren’t vandalizing in the name of George Floyd or seeking justice for his death.  I doubt if they remember his name.  These hoodlums are a bad element that have been recruited to come out in droves. Whether they call themselves Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or Occupy Wall Street, they all have the same agenda–domestic terrorism.  Why?  Because they needlessly, without care for life, destroy buildings like Al Qaeda does and everyone is fearful of them.  That’s the definition of terror. Thus the name domestic terror.  Not foreign terror, domestic.

These are self-serving thieves getting paid to cause havoc by looting and destroying stores and property.  This has nothing to do with George Floyd or civil rights.  Absolutely nothing.  They have similar qualities to Al Qaeda:  They hate America, Whites, God, success, jobs, the rich, capitalism, and our president.  They want to destroy America like Al Qaeda tried on 9-11. Why do you think they congregated outside the White House?  There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have burned the White House down if given a chance. The White House had nothing to do with one rogue cop in Minneapolis. One FOX Anchorman asked if these destructive looters could be White Nationalists or White Supremacists?  Are you kidding?  Are you colorblind?  How can you call them White?

I swear the left media and some on the right are afraid to say what we all can see with our own eyes.  They also seem to wish these hoodlums are Trump followers. How these villains can find joy in burning down someone’s store and filming it is unthinkable. But they do. They are behaving like a pack of wild wolves not humans.

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For Chris Wallace to say that more Blacks die at the hands of police in Minnesota than Whites is a stupid comment. Possibly more Blacks were involved in crimes that got the police involved.  Chris also tried to imply that covid 19 is racist as it hits more Blacks in Minnesota than Whites.  This is another stupid comment.  Maybe more Blacks didn’t follow the guidelines or maybe more of them have underlying conditions. Not a racist reason for their deaths.  For him to say many Blacks have been laid off due to the shutdown and could be the reason for their protesting is another stupid comment.  Whites and business owners are hurt just as much.  It does not give you license to vandalize and burn down buildings.  Quit playing devil’s advocate, Chris, we know you hate Trump.

I saw on television a group of protesters on a Minnesota highway bridge surround and stop a gasoline tanker truck.  They stormed the cockpit while one was tampering with the back of the tank.  They wanted to light it up as a bomb, no doubt in my mind.  This is the definition of domestic terror.  Or as Chris Wallace would rationalize, the tanker got in way of the protesters and forced them to surround it and storm the cockpit. The media is also covering for the thugs saying the truck driver tried to run them over.

Classic end to the story: They arrested the driver of the tanker.  What in the world!  He was on the highway minding his own business when these lawless hooligans (who shouldn’t be on a highway) surrounded him like marauding bandits. He was probably scared for his life and the truck. They assaulted him, sent him to the hospital, and he gets arrested?  What’s next? Will we get arrested if our homes get invaded by a group of marauding criminals, and we defend ourselves?  It’s beginning to look like it.

When in doubt, give the benefit to the Blacks. Also when in doubt, blame Trump. And the Blacks think they are discriminated against?  Not this week!  They’ve been handled with kid gloves while their victims get ignored.  Two cops were fired yesterday for pulling two Blacks out of a car.  No wonder the cops are gun shy, they’re afraid of getting fired. I’ve never seen so many villains be ignored by the police.

One store owner in New York that had his store destroyed saw a group of police just standing there while it all happened.  They must have gotten the stand down order.  How did the church outside the White House get fire bombed?  I was sickened by the visual of terrorists outside the White House setting fires to historical structures.  I can’t believe our secret service cannot handle a group of delinquents. Trump is right.  The governors and mayors aren’t doing their job or are allowing this havoc to continue for an ulterior motive.

If our police can’t protect these businesses, it’s time for the business owners to take over.  Get back to work, open your shops, and hire armed security guards. We can’t rely on the police any longer. They are outnumbered and outplayed.  And where’s the National Guard?  Armored trucks should be cruising the streets throwing out teargas and the streets should be closed to the public. If these terrorists show up, arrest them all.  No more peaceful demonstrations. Their message has already been made.  Time to get serious about ending this violent group of terrorists.

These terrorists also hit small towns in California from Walnut Creek to Concord to Mill Valley to Santa Rosa to Long Beach to Santa Monica to San Diego.  Macy’s and other high end stores in Walnut Creek got broken into and cleaned out by these roaches. They are spreading like cockroaches and just as hard to catch.  They come into these cities from out of state in cars loaded with destructive material, windows blackened, and license plates removed.  It is well orchestrated and paid for by these anti-American groups.  They want Black lives to matter?  I tell you what.  If I had a store that just got decimated and looted by a group of Blacks, they would not matter much to me any longer.  PERIOD!

Cockroach infestation – Know how to get rid of them - Pest Control ...

What is their end goal?  I think to destroy America as we know it.  First the covid virus, then the shutdown of the economy, and now these terrorists come in to put the final nail in America’s coffin.  It was the perfect storm and we had no warning.






34 thoughts on “Antifa and BLM are Terror Groups–Not Civil Rights Marchers.

  1. I have a ton of counterarguments I’d like to make to this post. Perhaps I will put it out in another blog of my own. But one thing really jumped out at me: “And the Blacks think they are discriminated against? Please. It’s the complete opposite these days.” No. It is not the “complete opposite” these days. There are structures of racism in our nation that predate America’s existence. We have no idea what it’s like to be a Black person in America today. I would challenge you to think about the underlying issues behind all of these protests. Some are unnecessarily violent, no doubt about it, but it’s unfair to lump these movements in with fringe acts of terror. Sometimes the protesters have been the provocateurs, other times police have escalated situations. I would at the very least revise the sentence I quoted above and note that the ‘domestic terrorist’ label does not belong to protesters or even looters. That’s a very serious accusation.


  2. I stand by my feelings. I was up all night in fear for small town America. What I saw on tv was domestic terror not by the protesters but by the others. A cop was run over, 60 secret service agents were injured, one protester shot by one of these hoodlums, and most of the thugs were allowed to run amuck. When you burn a church, burn a bank, and destroy historical landmarks that’s the definition of terror. America does not deserve what they are doing to our police and cities because of the act of one rogue cop.


      1. OK. I will honor that. Will not post it to my Facebook account. Or Twitter or any other social media (I’m not really on Twitter or anything else).


  3. Hey Raz, I grew up in the south during the times when blacks were heavily restricted. They had separate restrooms, drinking fountains, had to sit on the back seat of the bus and so on. So I know a little bit about racism. My parents were very raciest people. I’m not, but it gave me a great perspective on truth. You talk about the systemic racism, which sounds exactly what the Democrats say, and what is repeated over and over on CNN. Since you made the statement, I want to know exactly what that is. How are today’s blacks suffering from this extreme racism as you claim. Please give me a list, I would like to read it. But I will caution you, that I know a little bit about black culture as well, and know they make up about 13% of the overall population and commit almost 40% of the crime. The blacks don’t seem interested in fixing that, quite the opposite they wear it like a badge. Everyone is aware of these facts and are very wary of getting too close to them. Blacks need to fix being black. By the way, the stats are almost identical in England that has a totally different history that the USA. That pretty much tells me it is a cultural problem, not a racial problem.

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    1. Fair question, and thanks for asking it. Let me start by saying I don’t know the entirety scope and depth of the problem because I am white. There is no amount of literature that will ever make me know how it feels to be Black in America. What I am working to do is educate myself, because I truly believe that learning from others’ experiences and studies is a good way to arm yourself with information. I think it starts with your comment about inequality during your early years. With such an uneven starting point, how are we to rectify the fact that white people have been granted a better start? It’s not as though all problems disappeared during the Emancipation Proclamation, nor did they during the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Voting Rights Act of ’65.
      There are so many angles we could approach this; take, for instance, the fact that Black men are disproportionately targeted and locked up for drug-related offenses, even though studies show that drug use is proportionally about the same between Black and White people. Mass incarceration is a great place to start. I would recommend reading “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander and watching “13th” on Netflix. These help to explain why Black people are targeted more frequently, and they highlight certain stories, like that of Khalief Browder, locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, and since he couldn’t post bail, he was stuck in the system fighting his case. It’s just one example, but it’s indicative of a broken bail system that encourages plea deals, which amplify the crime rate statistics. This is perpetuated by policies like “stop and frisk,” in which studies showed that minorities were tremendously disproportionately targeted in New York. Also, I learned in “Jim Crow” there was an enormous disparity between how powder and crack cocaine were prosecuted in the 1980s and 1990s, and crack was pumped into Black areas. Powder cocaine was a ‘white’ drug, and the sentencing for possession was something like 1/200th (not positive; please fact check) the sentencing of crack, despite the drugs being similar in effect. The drug disparity really bothers me because it hits at so many levels. Another great read is “Nobody” by Marc Lamont Hill. Among other issues, his book uncovers factors underlying many of Black men killed by police in recent history (like the questionable “stand your ground” law in some southern states and “community policing” that had Trayvon Martin killed). Some other excellent nonfiction that takes different angles on issues facing Black Americans – “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond, “Give Us The Ballot” by Ari Berman, “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson, and “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo. I’ve already written quite a bit, so if you’d like me to expand on any of these in particular, I’d be happy to!


      1. I’m pretty sure that quote was Edgar Allen Poe, incorrectly attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Let’s say Franklin did say that though; do you think he would be such a skeptic of reading? I love reading. And so did Franklin, according to what I’ve seen. LibraryThing has a list for Ben Franklin that’s over 3,000 books long! Nonfiction tends to be much better than cable news or social media because it requires meticulous source-citing and research, which is why I migrate away from cable news in favor of literature. If I can’t use the most powerful form of information on the planet, what sources would you possibly accept as valid? Is there anything out there of which I can believe 100% by the standards of this quote?


      2. You proved my point. Believe nothing what you read. I quoted something I READ on google. Just take what you read with a grain of salt because history tends to be rewritten lately according to political correctness. Some books have been banned or censored to meet the new PC standards. The police have gotten a bad rap since even before the OJ trial. But there will always be bad apples and the police chiefs should weed them out at first complaint.


      3. Not teasing. I was genuinely curious. But as good of a website as that is, I’m skeptical. I’ve been advised to trust none of what I read!


      4. Very good. You’re learning. But I’d heard it over the years on the radio and tv news. “Where there’s smoke” is another saying. Just google it. You trust google.


      5. I don’t fully understand what “cancel culture” means. I’ve heard it used but don’t want to misuse it.
        I see statues being removed; I don’t fear that will erase history. We don’t necessarily need monuments to teach us history – it’s pretty well-documented.
        I haven’t seen any books or movies that are being banned – can you point me in the right direction?


      6. They are trying to cancel all our culture from statues, to paintings, to monuments, to any book or movie that has slavery in it. They don’t want us to see anything to remind us of the past. They want a clean slate. I think. It is a new term though. Gone with the Wind is being challenged as well as many books like 1984 and Animal Farm. I don’t know where to point you to. I haven’t seen a rerun of a Shirley Temple movie in a long time. I wonder why.


      7. I feel like 1984 and Animal Farm will always be challenged because they warn of the destructive power of totalitarianism and communism, but challenged is not banned. People in power don’t like that. But they still print them – I have copies of each. If you cannot find one I’ll send my copy! They can’t cancel us!
        Monuments aren’t the sole preservers of history; we have education and literature to aid in that. If a monument glorifies a Confederate solider, I have no problem with that being removed so we don’t conflate these men with honor and dignity. Glorification and education should not be confused. HOWEVER, it’s important we recognize our fraught history, so you’ll never hear me advocate for an erasure of history itself. But from what I’ve seen, we’re trying to amplify the horrors of slavery and not erase them.
        For example, there are five Black student alums from my high school who just petitioned the school to include more mandated African American history courses in the K-12 program curriculum. They got over 4,000 signatures, they wrote letters, it was great stuff. These young men don’t want to erase history, but they want the upcoming generation to better understand areas where our education system leaves gaps – from the harmful impacts of slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, police brutality, etc. I know this is just one example, but I believe it’s strong evidence that many of us are trying to better contextualize why history keeps repeating itself. It’s a difficult undertaking, but it requires knowing and affirming our history – good and bad – to best understand structures, institutions, and power today. So I’m with you! Let’s not ‘cancel’ any of our history; rather, I would like to see an end of glorification of Confederate monuments which advocated for slavery, and do more to educate the general public.


      8. I don’t think anyone glorifies statues of notable people in our history. They are created for an artistic focal point to a town square as that’s the way towns were built and designed by city planners. Why erase artifacts and ruin architecture from a nice town square? These vandals are shamefully removing statues of anyone without permission and leaving the areas decimated like a third world country. They are anti-statue not anti-slavery. Slavery got lost in their mission so did George Floyd. Why don’t they leave the past behind and focus on their future? They seem to be lost souls. Something went wrong in their past.

        My Jewish husband never speaks of antisemitism. Many nicknames, phrases, and stereotypes in movies, books, and life he’s had to deal with like “jewed him down.” Sometimes members of his golf club will carelessly slip and say “that Jew!” forgetting he is Jewish. He remains silent as that’s the way he was taught to respond. Maybe young Jewish folks should form a group like Jewish Lives Matter JLM and go to the streets and loot. (They won’t.) Woody Allen speaks of this antisemitism in the movie Annie Hall. But prominent Jews lately are behaving badly from sexual harassment to sex trafficking to ponzie schemes, to internet porn putting a stain on their name.

        I think all this will end after the election. It is being orchestrated by powerful people to ruin Trump’s chances. After the election, no matter who wins, the chaos, covid, and “cancel culture” will suddenly disappear. IMO.


      9. Yes so to your point, I think we’ve seen the wrong way to remove a statue. I still believe that statues are meant to glorify – I think about Joe Paterno at Penn State. Long-time winning coach, beloved figure (until the Sandusky scandal), and admired as a hero for PSU football and PSU excellence. Hence, there is widespread approval over a statue of him being erected. If we glorify Confederate soldiers, I see this as the same kind of pedestal. If they stand for something wrong, in this case a government which sought to preserve the right to own slaves, it seems like we shouldn’t praise these individuals. To your point, let’s remove them through local government action and not with mob mentality.
        Also, help me out here a little – I’m struggling to see the connection between this conversation and your husband? Not trying to be rude, I just genuinely don’t understand how that fits into our discussion, if you could clarify. Thanks.


      10. You don’t see a connection to Jews being discriminated against as Blacks have been? Never heard of antisemitism before? Both minority groups that have ancestors that suffered from hate. Concentration camps vs. slavery? Both groups predominately vote Democrat when the Democrats don’t even help them. There are still hate crimes against the Jews. There’s too many connections. The only difference in today’s time is that the Jews don’t complain. They try to overcome and make something of themselves without taking handouts and affirmative action.


      11. Indeed, I have heard of antisemitism before. Thank you. You’ve entirely shifted the argument here though. And while I resent any hate crime again Jews or any voicing of antisemitism, I don’t believe that comparison holds any water in the context of American history.


      12. Jews hold lots of water in American History. Antisemitism goes back to 1920 and still exists today. Although, it was worse during the fifties. I had a cousin married to a Jew and experienced years of it. They had a big cross erected on their front lawn and set afire by the KKK after they moved into a new neighborhood. If this was a done to this quiet couple, I’m sure it was quite prevalent but went unreported. JLM.

        [During the first half of the 20th century, Jews were discriminated or limited in some employment, certain properties, social clubs, resort areas and quotas on enrollment at colleges.] Wikipedia. Lots of similarities to Blacks, but Blacks got affirmative action. For instance a neighbor of ours asked where my husband went to high school. He told him. His response, “That’s a Jew school” then laughed. So you see even today, there is antisemitism. You’ve just never been around it.

        I guess all I’m trying to say is Blacks aren’t doing themselves any favor. People are getting sick of hearing and seeing BLM everywhere. What deBlasio did yesterday was childish and spiteful. Nothing to do with George Floyd. The BLM movement has gone off the rails and will be looked on negatively in history if it continues much longer. Just saying.


      13. Did you just cite Wikipedia? You’ve condemned me for looking up things on the internet. “”Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Ben Franklin. I think that includes reading.” – You, 2020.

        I’ve been learning from you, and I appreciate it. But part of that learning has pushed me not to accept throwaway sources online like Wikipedia so forgive me for being very skeptical.


      14. No condemning. That was just a general cautionary old quote that people should take what they read with a grain of salt. But Wikipedia is a left leaning encyclopedia so, if anything, they downplayed Jewish antisemitism that came from the KKK because Jews align themselves with the Democrat party.

        For example: When you look up Harry S. Truman on Wikipedia, (the most controversial president who dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan), you’ll be hard pressed to read that he was a Democrat President in the written portion. But when you look up Eisenhower, you’ll read he ran as a Republican in the 3rd paragraph. Democrats are known as the peace-loving, anti-war party so Wikipedia tried their best to whitewash Truman’s political party. You just need to read EVERYTHING with a grain of salt these days. I trust Wikipedia for general information and quote them a lot. Appreciate your comments.


      15. OK good example. I will look them up on Wikipedia shortly to see.
        Take everything you read with a grain of salt, I can vibe with that. How do you feel about nonfiction books? Like, I’ve been reading some books which cite a multitude of sources and are meticulously fact-checked and edited for accuracy. Where do they fall on your continuum of reliability?


      16. Depends on the nonfiction you are seeking. I like to read for enjoyment so my personal preference is mystery/murder novels with historical facts in them. Nonfiction these days, as long as they’re not written by a celebrity or about a famous person, should be okay. Political books will have the bias of the writer, even conservative ones. Cooking, nutrition, gardening, fishing, travel books should be fine. I just heard that our schools’ history books have erased all mention of the founding of America with the 13 colonies, so current history books are out. Look for really old history books in the library for U.S. History. Good luck.

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